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Latitude 33 accepts first SAF fuelled customer aircraft
Latitude 33's fleet additions will further its charter offering and help address the industry's environmental impact; its Challenger 350 is the first to be delivered with sustainable aviation fuel.
Delivery of the 2019 Challenger 350 was fueled by SAF.
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California-based Latitude 33 Aviation has recently accepted two factory-new Challenger 350 aircraft onto the fleet, one based in Redmond, Oregon, and the other in Seattle, Washington.

Available for charter, the Washington aircraft is the first Bombardier customer aircraft to be delivered with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The model is already one of the most fuel-efficient business aircraft with its redesigned canted winglets that reduce drag and fuel burn, while the engines deliver increased thrust.

SAF is an alternative to traditional jet fuel, made by blending conventional kerosene with renewable hydrocarbon. Because it is certified as Jet A-1 fuel, no aircraft modifications are required. SAF is nearly carbon neutral over its life cycle and contains fewer impurities, which results in a greater reduction of particulate matter emissions. It can be produced from municipal waste that would otherwise be left to decompose in landfill sites.

With a maximum range of 3,200 nm, the Challenger 350 can travel coast-to-coast across the US and beyond, nonstop. As such it is the preferred choice for the company’s West Coast Safari offering, which begins in the Golden State and traverses Santa Barbara, Big Sur and Napa Valley, California; Jackson Hole, Wyomig; British Columbia, Canada; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Kauai, Hawaii; and back to San Diego, California.

In addition, the company has also added a Challenger 300, based in Carlsbad and available for charter. The new aircraft are particularly welcome following the company’s recent introduction of overseas charter operations to Hawaii. It also plans on adding a 10 or more passenger certificate to its operations.

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