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Airshare chooses Viasat for new aircraft deliveries
Fractional operator Airshare will equip its new Challenger 350 and 3500 aircraft with Viasat’s Ka-Band connectivity system. This will enable all devices on board to stream simultaneously.
Airshare’s new CL350s will feature Viasat in-flight connectivity.

Kansas-headquartered fractional operator Airshare will install Viasat's high-performance Ka-band in-flight connectivity (IFC) system on its new Bombardier Challenger 350 deliveries and future Challenger 3500 deliveries that begin next year. The first installation was completed in July 2022, with additional installations occurring over the second half of this year.

By selecting Viasat, Airshare will provide fractional owners travelling on these aircraft with a high-speed connectivity solution during all phases of flight, including taxi, take off and landing. Viasat's high speed connectivity will enable Airshare passengers to enjoy the same connected services in the air as they do on the ground, including high-quality video streaming, video conferencing, access to corporate VPN and more. Viasat's satellite capacity will enable all devices on board to stream simultaneously, even in dense geographical areas with heavy aviation traffic.

“Excellent connectivity is no longer simply a nice-to-have amenity while in-flight,” says president and CEO John Owen. “Airshare's best-in-class service demands a reliable connectivity solution that provides fast speeds and a consistent connection from take off to touchdown. Our owners want to stay productive, stream video and otherwise stay in touch with what's happening on the ground. Choosing Viasat for our new deliveries was an important step as Airshare enters our next phase of growth.”

Airshare is strategically expanding its fractional ownership programme beyond its core markets in the central US, with plans to begin serving customers on the east coast in the near future. Airshare's days-based programme appeals to both business and leisure travellers seeking to maximise their efficiency and productivity, making in-flight connectivity a key ingredient of the overall service.

“We've entered an exciting relationship with Airshare, and the Viasat Select service plans will deliver the best connectivity performance in business aviation while optimising operations for predictable budgets,” says Viasat business area director, business aviation Claudio D'Amico. “With Airshare's sharp focus on customer service and an exceptional in-flight experience, we look forward to supporting the new fleet's connectivity requirements now and into the future.”

Viasat's Ka-band satellite network currently covers over 90 per cent of business aviation routes. The company's next generation Viasat-3 constellation is a trio of satellites that is expected to provide near global coverage, and will offer Airshare additional capacity to meet its expanding connectivity needs.

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