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Duncan certified by TCCA and EASA for ACA fittings
Duncan's engineering and certification services and PMA departments created an package for the Aviation Clean Air ionisation system for Global and Challenger 300 and 350 aircraft, approved in Canada and the EU.
The installation package was launched at the start of 2021.
Read this story in our May 2021 printed issue.

Duncan Aviation has secured approval from Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and EASA for two STCs. Duncan's engineering and certification services and parts manufacturer approval (PMA) departments created an installation package for the Aviation Clean Air (ACA) ionisation system for Global and Challenger 300 and 350 aircraft, and Duncan Aviation customers throughout Canada and the European Union can now buy these ACA packages for their aircraft.

“We're seeing strong demand for the ACA system in Europe and the Middle East,” says avionics installation sales rep Steve Elofson. “A Global Express in Europe is currently having the ACA ionisation system installed in accordance with the EASA-approved STC.”

The packages include everything necessary for installing the ACA ioniser system, including the STCs, the ionisers and PMA parts kits.

“When we say the kit includes everything, we mean every nut, bolt, screw and switch necessary for the installation,” adds manager of avionics install and avionics line Pat Mapes.

The company's facility in Lincoln, Nebraska has been modifying the air ducts for the installation; however, any of Duncan Aviation's three main facilities at Battle Creek in Michigan, Provo in Utah and Lincoln, along with many of the company's satellite shops, are able to perform the necessary modifications prior to installing the ACA ioniser system.

“This system is designed to neutralise harmful pathogens, including those that cause COVID-19, so if customers want peace of mind as they fly, this is the system for them,” comments regional avionics sales manager Michael Kussatz.

Designed to be installed in an aircraft's existing environmental control system, the ACA ionisers operate in the aircraft's ductwork. The ionised hydrogen molecules neutralise pathogens, including those that cause the flu and the common cold. The system also removes allergens and unpleasant odorous, including those from pets, cigarette and cigar smoke, engine exhaust, cooking, lavatories and volatile organic compounds.

In May 2020, testing conducted by independent lab Innovative BioAnalysis found the ACA ioniser effective at rendering harmless the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The lab test showed that 99.4 per cent of the virus particles were inactivated within 30 minutes. The system has been tested and proven to kill the coronavirus that caused SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) as well.

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