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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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AMAC continues to carry out head of state work
AMAC has been working on two head of state aircraft lately: a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 and a Boeing B747-8. It has also been awarded maintenance projects on large Airbus aircraft as well as several large Bombardiers.
The business continues to see regular maintenance inputs despite the pandemic.

AMAC Aerospace has welcomed two head of state aircraft to its Basel maintenance facility this month. The company has also been selected to carry out maintenance checks on several Airbus, Bombardier and Boeing aircraft and is now offering cabin disinfection services for any aircraft type.

One of the head of state aircraft that AMAC has taken on is a McDonnell Douglas MD-87. AMAC's team will install a new generation cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and a flight data recorder (FDR) system. In addition, the aircraft will undergo multiple C-checks and a landing gear overhaul. A second head of state aircraft, a Boeing B747-8, arrived mid of October to undergo a C-check.

AMAC has also been awarded three maintenance projects on Airbus aircraft. A privately-owned Airbus ACJ319 will arrive in the next few weeks in Basel, and AMAC's Airbus team will carry out an avionics update in combination with a heavy base maintenance check. A privately-owned Airbus A319 recently arrived to undertake 1A-, 2A-, 1C-, 2C- and 4C-inspections while in September, a privately-owned Airbus A318 checked in to undergo 1A-, 2A-, 3A-checks as well as out of phase (OOP) tasks.

“Despite the limitational circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to have regular maintenance inputs. We are happy to see a slow improvement in flight activities in business aviation. This shows a positive impact in our business segment,” states Alexis Ott, director of maintenance sales and key account management.

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