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Gogo and Duncan broaden scope of Avance partnership
Avance L3 has a lightweight and small form factor compared to other inflight systems with similar capabilities and is said to be much more affordable. Gogo and Duncan offer it on a range of Gulfstreams and Bombardiers.
Cabin connectivity is becoming ever faster.

In June 2020, Duncan Aviation partnered with Gogo Business Aviation to provide new installation options for the Gogo Avance L3 and the Gogo Avance Smart Cabin System (SCS). The engineering and certification services team at Duncan updated three existing STCs for the Gogo Avance L5 Wi-Fi system so customers will be able to use those STCs to install the Avance L3 Wi-Fi system or a standalone SCS on the following aircraft: Gulfstream GIV and GIV-X; Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350; Bombardier Challenger CL-650, CL-605, CL-604, CL-601-3A and CL-601-3R.

The engineering and certification services team has now received validation for these STCs from Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and has applied for validation with EASA.

The amended STCs for the Gogo Avance L3 Wi-Fi system will include the installation of the Single Air Card Line Replacement Unit (LRU) and mounting tray, and will cover all other existing architecture for the Avance L3, including the Wi-Fi and terrestrial modem cellular antennas. The amended STCs will also cover design changes for the installation of the Gogo Avance SCS.

“We are pleased to offer the L3 and SCS cost-effective options for customers who want the reliability and functionality of Gogo's Avance system but don't yet need the full performance of the L5 Wi-Fi system,” says Duncan Aviation's manager of engineering and certification business development Shawn Carraher.

Avance L3 has a lightweight and smaller form factor compared to other inflight connectivity systems with similar capabilities and is said to be much more affordable. Avance L3 allows users to customise their inflight experience based on their unique needs, and it can be installed on business aircraft of all types; however, its size, cost and software-based scalable capabilities make it an ideal solution for smaller aircraft including turboprops and light jets. Users can also activate a subscription for on-demand movies and TV programming, moving maps, business news and magazines, all stored on board with Gogo Vision, which is built into the L3 system. The Avance L3 also keeps pilots informed with real-time information on many popular pilot applications.

Avance SCS is a highly integrated smart cabin system that gives passengers a single interface for whatever a user wants to do: browse the Internet, make and receive phone calls, access the cabin management system or access to moving maps, movies, TV and news via Gogo Vision. Because it's compact and light weight, SCS can be installed on virtually any sized business aircraft, including aircraft that fly outside of the United States because it works across ATG and satellite systems. SCS lets users seamlessly and reliably integrate a personal mix of technologies to create a cabin experience that meets their specific needs. Users decide what smart looks like, and SCS does the rest.

“As one of the leading MROs in the world, and a long-standing valued partner of Gogo, Duncan Aviation continues to lead in the industry with ongoing certification investments in Gogo systems,” says David Salvador, VP of aftermarket sales for Gogo. “The additional STCs Duncan Aviation has updated for the Gogo Avance L3 and SCS expand the number of aircraft on which our systems can be installed to enable connectivity and significant benefit to our mutual customers.”

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