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Russian Helicopters, JSC   (Russia)
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News from Business Air News
Four Arctic Mi-8AMTSh-VAs will tackle diverse emergencies
September 13, 2021
The Mi-8 helicopter is designed to be used in the most northerly regions, including the Arctic. It is fitted with a heating system for the oil and transmission units, so it can start in temperatures down to -60°C.
Ka-226T shows off upgrades in Patriot Park
August 26, 2021
The improved Ka-226T will have increased speeds and reduced weight compared to the original model Ka-226. It has also been fitted with an impact resistant fuel system and the fuel tank has an increased volume.
Rosaviatsia gives Kazan plant the nod for Ansat device
August 26, 2021
The Ansat helicopter simulator located in Kazan is equipped with a visualisation system that provides a full view from the pilot's seat. Two flight areas are reproduced: Kazan and Sochi, enabling effective training.
August 26, 2021Kolyma says Mi-8AMTs meet the mark
August 9, 2021Up to 50 Mi-8AMT helicopters on their way to UTair
July 26, 2021Helix expands its fleet of Russian helicopters
July 26, 2021Gazprombank takes three Ka-62s for Far East
July 19, 2021Russian Helicopters celebrates illustrious history of Mi-8
July 11, 2021Mi-171A2 ready for deployment in Vietnam
June 23, 2021Republic of Srpska opts for robust Ansat
June 21, 2021Rostec gains Ka-62 production financing
May 31, 2021KrasAvia set to swell its Russian Helicopters fleet
May 14, 2021Russian Helicopters boosts fire-fighting capability of Ka-32
May 10, 2021Norilsk Avia accepts Mi-8AMTs in transport configuration
May 10, 2021Gazpromavia swells fleet with three Mi-8MTV-1s
May 10, 2021Many countries making use of Russian helicopters for firefighting
April 25, 2021Rostec adds oversized cargo option to Ansat
April 19, 2021Turkmenistan burn centre to make use of Russian helicopters
April 11, 2021Medical module is onboarded for RCH Ansat
April 7, 2021Onboard hoist winch boosts Ansat's capabilities
March 19, 2021Delhi students delve into the workings of the Mi-172
February 8, 2021Latest Ansat is afforded a connectivity boost
February 1, 2021Russian Helicopters installs incubators in Ansats
January 23, 2021Polar Airlines has seven Ansat-Ms lined up
January 14, 2021Russian operators sign up for Mi-8MTV-1 fleets
December 21, 2020Ulan-Ude begins to assemble modern Mi-171A3
November 29, 2020Ulan-Ude gears up for Ka-226T fuselage assembly
November 24, 2020First of three Ansats arrives in Republic of Srpska
November 9, 2020Kazakhstan receives Mi-8s for semi-knock-down assembly
November 2, 2020Indonesia chosen as testing ground for Mi-8/171
October 25, 2020Handful of Mi-8MTV-1s on the way to Russian clients
September 26, 2020Pre-production prototype Mi-171A3 joins assembly line
September 21, 2020Polar Airlines can count on HSC for after-sales service
September 21, 2020Mi-171 with upgraded engines arrives in China
September 12, 2020Ansats to put Heli-Drive in the COVID driving seat
September 12, 2020South Korea paves the way for versatile Mi-171A2
September 1, 2020EMERCOM ready to deploy heavy helicopter to crisis areas
August 28, 2020Ansat gains medical module and removable controls
August 17, 2020Mexico's Craft to put Ansat into action
July 27, 2020Milestone for Vityaz as it accepts first Mi-8AMT
July 14, 2020Kazan Ansat sim measures up well to ICAO standards
July 14, 2020Yamal keeps faith with Mi-8 in the Arctic
June 26, 2020It's curtains for the Ansat as training begins
June 22, 2020Russian Helicopters' Arctic rolls out of Ulan-Ude
June 22, 2020Vityaz and Ozernovsky prepare to deploy Mi-8MTV-1s
June 22, 2020Norilsk ready to do the heavy lifting with Mi-8AMTs
June 22, 2020NARZ commences distanced Mi-8 and Mi-26 training
May 18, 2020Ansats arrive at Emercom as isolation units are approved
April 26, 2020Fresh system will keep Mi-8 crews and cargo cool
March 17, 2020NARZ completes assembly plant reconstruction
March 17, 2020Approval granted for Ansat neonatal module
March 12, 2020Kazakhstan pilots master the Mi-171A2 at U-UAZ
March 12, 2020Rosaviatsiya certifies Ansat emergency float system
March 3, 2020Mi-171A2 sets speed record at Baikal Mile festival
February 29, 2020First serial produced Mi-38 delivered by Rostec
February 25, 2020Ansat is readied for Chinese deployment
February 17, 2020Kazan brings a touch of luxury to the Ansat
February 8, 2020Russian Helicopters signs Ka-226T production roadmap
February 5, 2020VR-Tech equips future light fleet with FlytX
February 2, 2020Ka-62 commences test programme in Russia
February 2, 2020Ulan-Ude hands over seven Mi-8AMTs to GTLK
February 2, 2020Alrosa accepts all-Russian Mi-8MTV-1s
December 3, 2019Mi-171A2 certified in India
November 30, 2019HSC is all set to maintain Ansat engines
November 23, 2019VRT500 helicopter secures Scandinavian signature
November 18, 2019Rostec reveals Mi-38 to Middle East at Dubai show
October 21, 2019Korea extends the flying careers of state Ka-32s
October 15, 2019Mil and Kamov team up as National Helicopter Center
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