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Vityaz and Ozernovsky prepare to deploy Mi-8MTV-1s
Helicopters are vital tools in the Kamchatka territory of Russia. Vityaz-Aero Airlines and the Ozernovsky Fish Canning Plant have both opted for the Mi-8MTV-1, which is capable of fulfilling a wide range of tasks.
The Vityaz-Aero fleet includes more than 20 Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications.

Vityaz-Aero Airlines has taken delivery of a Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter from Russian Helicopters Holding. The rotorcraft was manufactured by the Kazan Helicopter Plant, and will be operated in Kamchatka.

The Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter has been delivered to the operator in cargo configuration. The contract for the supply of the aircraft was signed on 28 June.

The machine is equipped with an onboard boom with a winch (LPG-150M), with a lifting capacity of up to 300 kg, enabling it to perform rescue operations. An external cable suspension has also been installed, on which it is possible to carry cargo with a maximum weight of up to four tonnes, depending on the flight range, the altitude of the landing sites, air temperature and a number of other factors. Space has also been prepared for the installation of additional fuel tanks, which can significantly increase the flight range.

“Mi-8MTV-1s have been delivered to the Kamchatka Territory before, where they are used to perform a wide range of tasks. Helicopters of this series remain in demand among operators: they are distinguished by their reliability, versatility and unpretentiousness in service,” says Russian Helicopters general director Andrei Boginsky.

The Vityaz-Aero fleet includes more than 20 Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications, including three multi-purpose transport Mi-8MTV-1. Its rotorcraft fly to ships in the Pacific, carry out suspension work, deliver cargo and passengers to remote areas of the peninsula, to the Commander and Kuril Islands, perform ambulance flights and participate in emergency response.

The airline also operates a Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter with a luxury cabin, which is used for business and tourist trips in Kamchatka in comfortable conditions: up to nine passengers can go to any point of the peninsula and even conduct business negotiations on board the helicopter, thanks to its increased sound insulation.

The Ozernovsky Fish Canning Plant No. 55 has also taken delivery of an Mi-8MTV-1, which will fly in Kamchatka territory too.

The supply contract between Kazan Helicopter Plant and Ozernovsky RKZ No. 55 was signed on 23 May. The machine is designed for the transport of passengers and goods, including the delivery of building materials to hard-to-reach objects.

In the helicopter's cabin, 20 passenger seats are installed, prepared places for the installation of four VIP seats. Instead of cargo doors, a ramp has been installed in the helicopter, which opens by means of a hydraulic drive. This reduces the time of loading and unloading operations in the aircraft.

Delivering the helicopter to its new base will be carried out by the KVZ crew. About 11 landings for refuelling will be made along the way. The helicopter will be delivered to Avachinsky Airport (Izluchina) in the city of Yelizovo in the Kamchatka Territory.

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