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EMERCOM ready to deploy heavy helicopter to crisis areas
The Russian Helicopters Mi-26T2 can reach an altitude of 4,600 metres, has a cruising speed of 255 km/h and its MTOW is 56 tons or, with a weight of transported cargo, 20 tons. It can carry up to 82 people to safety.
Andrey Boginsky hands over the keys to EMERCOM.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) is to take delivery of its first Mi-26T2 from Russian Helicopters. The Mi-26T2 is an upgraded version of the Mi-26T heavy helicopter. It has received modern avionics, which means it can be used round-the-clock, in adverse weather conditions and over non-orientated terrain, while its crew can be reduced to three people.

“Rostec supplies the Ministry of Emergency Situations with a line of helicopters that are used for rescue operations, medical evacuation, firefighting and other tasks,” says general director of the Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky. “The Mi-26T2 is the latest modification of the world's most lifting helicopter, which significantly expands the possibilities for its use in accordance with the most modern requirements for airborne electronic equipment and flight safety.

“The aircraft is serially produced and has already been supplied to foreign customers who have appreciated this modification. I am sure that the expanded capabilities of the Mi-26T2 will be in demand even when performing the most difficult tasks that EMERCOM is facing every day.”

The Mi-26T2 is equipped with a modern flight and navigation system. The helicopter is equipped with a glass cockpit (an electronic display system for instrument indicators), an inertial navigation system, Glonass and Navstar navigation systems, a ground proximity early warning system and energy-absorbing crew seats. The Mi-26T2 is equipped with a digital autopilot, which can not only guide the vehicle along the route, but also land it.

It can reach an altitude of 4,600 metres, has a cruising speed of 255 km/h and its MTOW is 56 tons or, with a weight of transported cargo, 20 tons. Its range is 800 km with normal load while its ferry range is 1,920 km.

The helicopter is capable of performing various tasks: it can evacuate up to 82 people from the scene of a disaster, or, in the medevac version, transport 60 wounded and three paramedics. The Mi-26T2 can operate as a fuel filling device, transporting 14,000 litres of fuel and 1,000 litres of lubricants, and extinguish fires using a spillway device.

Russian Helicopters and the Ministry of Emergency Situations signed the agreement for the supply of the first heavy Mi-26T2 helicopter within the framework of the Army-2020 International Military-Technical Forum.

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