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Norilsk ready to do the heavy lifting with Mi-8AMTs
Mi-8AMT helicopters are equipped with TV3-117VM engines, a Safir 5K/G auxiliary power unit, and enhanced transmission and modern avionics. Norilsk could take on up to 10 units and put them to work in harsh climates.
Up to 23 passengers or four tonnes of cargo can be transported in the Mi-8AMT.

Norilsk Air, a Russian operator based in Norilsk, above the Arctic Circle, will soon take delivery of two multipurpose Mi-8AMT helicopters. The aircraft were manufactured at Russian Helicopters' Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and will be leased from Gazprombank Leasing.

The Mi-8AMT helicopters were manufactured in accordance with an agreement signed at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019 between Russian Helicopters and Gazprombank. In the near future, the machines will be transferred to the Norilsk. Under the terms of the contract, it is planned that a total of 10 Mi-8AMT helicopters in transport configuration will be produced at a rate of aircraft per year, with subsequent leasing and delivery taking place from 2020 to 2024.

“By operating the Mi-8AMT helicopters, Norilsk Air not only carries out commercial transportation, but also solves socially significant problems; these machines are also used to quickly respond to emergencies, perform ambulance flights and passenger transportation to remote settlements,” says Ulan-Ude MD Leonid Belykh. “These new helicopters will update Norilsk Air's existing fleet of aircraft and contribute to the development of transport infrastructure in remote regions of the far North.”

The delivered Mi-8AMT helicopters are equipped with TV3-117VM engines, a Safir 5K/G auxiliary power unit, and enhanced transmission and modern avionics, which makes it possible to use them effectively in harsh climates.

The Mi-8/171 series of helicopters can provide transport for up to 23 passengers as well as up to four tonnes inside the cargo compartment or on an external sling.

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