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Delivery time for Global Vectra's Mi-171A2 draws near
By early 2020 Indian operator Global Vectra will receive its Mi-171A2. As part of an intergovernmental agreement with Russia, India will be supplied with 200 helicopters, 140 of which will be assembled locally.
Russian Helicopters presented its Mi-171A2 and Ka-226T intended for India at EEF in Vladivostok.

India's Global Vectra will soon receive its first Mi-171A2 helicopter from Russian Helicopters, with an option for one more. The Mi-171A2 and Ka-226T light-weight multi-purpose helicopters were recently displayed at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok from 4-6 September. Delivery to India is scheduled for late 2019/early 2020.

The Ka-226T helicopter presented at the Forum demonstrates a Russian-Indian industrial cooperation; in accordance with the 2015 intergovernmental agreement, India will be supplied 200 helicopters, of which 140 will be assembled locally.

“At the Eastern Economic Forum, we are showing our Indian colleagues the Ka-226T and Mi-171A2 multi-purpose helicopters which have been designed for them. It is worth noting that our partners are well aware of all the advantages of the products of Russian Helicopters Holding Company. In India, Soviet and Russian-made helicopters make up more than 30 per cent of the total fleet of civilian and military rotorcraft registered in the country. Our current projects create a good basis for further development of our cooperation,” states Rostec director for international cooperation and regional policy Viktor Kladov.

The EEF will also showcase Ka-226T parts and units, which are subject to localised manufacturing in India as part of this project. Last February, Russian Helicopters Holding Company signed agreements on a number of presented units with leading Indian aircraft manufacturers who desired to participate in the project to localise Ka-226T helicopter production.

“The contract for the supply of the Mi-171A2 to India is a clear demonstration of the fact that our latest civilian rotorcraft is in demand abroad, is waited for and is counted on,” notes Andrey Boginsky, director general. “The helicopter showcased at the Forum is ready for delivery: we will be able to transfer it to the customer as soon as the certificate for the Mi-171A2 is validated in India.”

“We are also demonstrating the progress of the Russian-Indian Ka-226T project: the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant has already mastered the manufacture of certain parts and components of the helicopter and is preparing to start its serial production. We are also gradually developing our cooperation with Indian manufacturers in terms of localisation; our dialogue with some of them will be continued as part of the Forum. At the Forum, we are presenting the Ka-226T with folding blades: this model is suitable for operation in marine conditions and for installation on board ships. This option is a good basis for more orders for this rotorcraft.”

Among other products presented at the Forum by Russian Helicopters Holding Company is the Ka-62 medium transport and passenger helicopter manufactured by Progress AAC, named after Nikolai Sazykin. The model is showcased in the Primorsky Krai territory Pavilion as part of 'Streets of the Far East' exhibition. On the verge of the Forum, the Ka-62 prototype took part in the flight programme of the MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky.

The Mi-171A2 helicopter is the latest representative of the Mi-8/17 helicopter family. The helicopter is equipped with the KBO-17 integrated onboard digital flight and navigation system, which makes it possible to operate the machine without an engineer on board, thereby reducing its crew to two people. The new engines and supporting system have improved the helicopter's flight performance, including its cruising and maximum speed. Depending on the operator needs, the Mi-171A2 helicopter can perform search and rescue missions, medical and cargo operations, fight fires or carry passengers day and night in a wide range of temperatures.

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