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First of three Ansats arrives in Republic of Srpska
The delivery of three helicopters to the Republic of Srpska includes training of three technicians and two pilots in the Kazan Helicopters aviation training centre. Four more pilots and six technicians will also be trained.
The entry of the Ansat into Europe bodes well for future orders.
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The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska in Bosnia and Hercegovina has taken delivery of the first European Ansat from Russian Helicopters. The rotorcraft is equipped to carry out medical missions. This is the first of three helicopters to be deliveed as part of the contract.

The Republic of Srpska's Ansat comes with a medical module equipped with a stretcher and a medical shelf. The cabin has space for transporting one patient and two chairs for accompanying doctors. Equipment includes a system for artificial lung ventilation, tele-ECG for monitoring cardiac activity in real time and other equipment for evacuating patients of varying severity. The delivery set includes five seats, which can be installed instead of the medical module, allowing seven passengers to be carried in the cabin. The helicopter also comes with an active vibration control system.

“This delivery testifies that Ansat is competitive on the European market and we see potential for new orders,” states director general of Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky. “I am confident that European operators will appreciate the favourable cost of operating the helicopter, its versatility and reliability. Two more Ansats will be handed over to the law enforcement agencies of Republic of Srpska in 2021 and 2022. They will be additionally equipped with searchlights, a fast-rope deployment system, a winch and an external sling.”

The delivery contract included the training of three technicians and two pilots in the Kazan Helicopters aviation training centre. The programme includes training in the design and maintenance of the Ansat's airframe, power plant and systems for aircraft technicians, as well as theoretical training, classes on the new Ansat simulator and practical flight training for pilots. This initial batch of cadets has successfully passed their exams and received documents confirming their qualifications. The aviation training centre will provide further multi-stage training of flight and technical personnel as more helicopters are delivered. During the next two years, four more pilots and six technicians will go through training.

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