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Pratt & Whitney Canada

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Business aviation in Massachusetts

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Major business aviation airports:

Business aviation suppliers in Massachusetts

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Magellan Jets founder and CEO, and Red Sox fan, Joshua Hebert.

Magellan wins pitch for Red Sox partnership

Magellan has ties to the baseball club through its work with former hitter David Ortiz' Children's Fund. Now it will fly both players and fans, and collaborate on future events to support the work of the Red Sox Foundation.

March 31, 2023   Full report

The finished project at Scottsdale airport in Arizona.

Atlantic goes full speed on facility enhancements

Construction is under way on an expansion project in Massachusetts, and at Scottsdale work has completed on a hangar and office building complex that makes Atlantic the largest FBO on the airport.

March 28, 2023   Full report

PHI selected as system integrator for Helix

The Helix integrated flight deck is a joint initiative that combines IS&S's proven 10.4-inch flat-panel displays with Avidyne's Helios flight management systems to deliver significant new capabilities for operators.

March 27, 2023   Full report

Thrilled Reeves joins the ranks at Alto

Mark Reeves has extensive experience and a proven track record as a supply chain management professional working across multiple industries, including electronics, software services and contract manufacturing.

March 24, 2023   Full report

Helix features two or four IS&S 10 inch flat panel displays, which are self-contained smart display units (DU) with built-in symbol generators, offering superior performance with a high resolution XGA multi-colour active-matrix LCDs.

Avidyne and IS&S launch Helix integrated flight deck for helicopters

Pricing for a turn-key installation of the Helix flight deck system in the S-76C++ will be forthcoming pending completion of the integration and certification, which is expected later this year.

March 12, 2023   Full report