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Maintenance  11   •   Completions  1

Performance SmartWing technology incorporates dual load alleviation control surfaces to ensure redundancy in complex, mission-critical scenarios.

Tamarack evaluates first flight of modified King Air 350

In tests, Tamarack's Performance SmartWing active winglet system for the King Air 350 showed increased endurance and payload, improved high/hot take off capabilities, extended loiter time and more stable flight.

June 20, 2022   Full report

The Fargo team - front row: Dayton Hulst, Bob Wagner, Chris Ferrari; middle row: Jeremy Bilben, Chris Eggl, Keith Murray; and back row: Ryan Maier, Kory Johnson, Merle, Bingham, Mike Clancy.

FAA ticks Fargo Jet Center STC for retractable sensor mount

FJC's FAA STC is granted for the Kodiak; other types will follow. The retractable camera mount is compatible with most ISR systems and can be contained within the cargo pod. A retractable door enables covert ops.

June 20, 2022   Full report

Aviation veteran leads flight ops at ASU

In his new role, Kip McDermott will provide leadership for the training and flight operations departments and organisational leadership for the long term success of ASU.

June 20, 2022   Full report

ASU makes quality a priority

Aviation Specialties Unlimited has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its commitment to quality and environmental management. It has also hired Brian Davis as quality manager.

May 10, 2022   Full report

NAA Award Winners Wick Zimmerman and Nick Guida.

Winglets lift Tamarack to NAA flight success

A fly-off between two CitationJets, one unmodified and the other Tamarack-transformed, was a real-world comparison of Active Winglet performance and resulted in an NAA Most Memorable award.

May 10, 2022   Full report