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Business aviation in Idaho

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Aero Specialties reveals latest GPU and tractor models

The JetGo 28-iBS GPU is designed to multi-task. It can supply power and charge at the same time, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. This increased productivity can be a game-changer, the company says.

May 26, 2024   Full report

Resale uptick leads to optimism for coming six months

1Q24 ended on a buoyant note with an uptick in pre-owned business aircraft sales, according to IADA. Its First Quarter 2024 Market Report also indicates an optimistic outlook for the next six months.

April 26, 2024   Full report

On the left is the Kodiak 900’s final assembly line, while the build-up of Kodiak 100s are completed in a mirrored process on the building’s opposite side.

Production capacity is increased for multi-role Kodiak

2024 production targets for Kodiaks are increased to 25 from 18 during 2023. Sandpoint's increased production capacity results from the addition of a second final assembly line.

April 12, 2024   Full report

Western Aircraft has accomplished more than 130 C-checks, representing the most thorough inspection available for all Falcon models.

Western Aircraft renews status as Dassault Falcon Jet ASC

With a team of factory-trained experts, Western provides services to a diverse clientele throughout the western US and Canada. It has renewed its Falcon Jet ASC for the 23rd year.

March 18, 2024   Full report

NTSB finds Tamarack Winglets not to blame in 2018 accident

The NTSB finds that Tamarack Winglets were not to blame in the 2018 Indiana fatal accident; an extremely unusual NTSB reconsideration and reversal applauded by Tamarack.

March 14, 2024   Full report