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Gulfstream G100 series/Astra

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The Gulfstream G100 was originally known as the IAI Astra SPX, a twin engine business jet manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries. The Astra had entered service in August 1994 and was renamed G100 in September 2002, after ownership of the type certificate was transferred to Gulfstream earlier that year.

The G100 had 4,250 lbf Honeywell TFE-731-40R-200G turbofan engines and was fitted with winglets.

In September 2002, Gulfstream announced the improved G150, based on the G100 but with a wider and longer cabin, a revised nose and uprated 4,400 lbf Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines. It was certified by the FAA in late 2005.

Production of the G100 was discontinued following certification of the G150. IAI continued to manufacture G150s in Israel and the completed airframes were then flown to the U.S. for interior outfitting.

In September 2016, Gulfstream announced the end of the 12 year production run, with delivery of the final aircraft in mid 2017.

  • Typical passenger capacity:   8
  • Range:   2,760 nm (full seats)
  • Cruise speed:   412 - 459 kts
  • Cabin height:   5.75 ft
  • Cabin width:   5.75 ft
  • Cabin length:   17.67 ft
  • Cabin volume:   514 cu ft
Variant types
World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Israeli Aircraft 1125 27 3 8 400 cu ft 412 kts 2,286 nm 1986 - 1990
1125 Astra SP 29 2 6 351 cu ft 448 kts 2,330 nm 1990 - 1996
Israeli Aircraft 1125SPX 57 6 7 386 cu ft 430 kts 2,285 nm 1996 - 2001
Gulfstream G100 21 1 7 386 cu ft 459 kts 2,285 nm 2001 - 2006
Gulfstream G150 124 27 8 514 cu ft 459 kts 2,473 nm 2006 - 2017


Charter operators
Maintenance centres
Completions centres
U.S.A. Capital Aviation , Rose-Wood Aircraft Completions
Type rating training providers
U.S.A. FlightSafety Dallas North Learning Center
News from Business Air News
Peregrine improves G150 flap/slat operation
March 21, 2022
Peregrine Aviation can now fit Gulfstream G150s with heaters to prevent inadvertent freezing of the aircraft's actuator components that control wing flaps and slats positions.
Thomas Global upgrades drop-in LCD display for Pro Line 4
February 28, 2022
The TFD-4100 LCD flight display is a key element of Thomas Global's commitment to the long-term support of Pro Line 4 flight deck operators. The TFD-4100 upgrade for the CRJ has certification due early 2023.
Jet It adds range with Gulfstream G150s
December 13, 2021
With demand for jets at an all time high plus share-owner demand to go further, Jet It's purchase of two G150s is a step toward cross-country travel. The company intends to be launch customer for the HondaJet 2600.
Press Releases
Fractional ownership companies Jet It and JetClub thrive, adding 13 new aircraft in 202131/12/2021
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