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News from Business Air News
GoldWings opts for ‘strong and reliable’ Alsim AL250
August 17, 2021
The AL250 addresses initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is a SEP/MEP re-configurable simulator certified as an EASA FNPT II. It will expand the scope of GoldWings' training and will be open to enthusiasts too.
AL250 in Milan is an Italian first
August 2, 2021
Aero Club Milano has a fleet of 22 aircraft and currently has about 70 students distributed on various types of courses from PPL to ATPL and various qualifications such as MEP, IR and aerobatics. An AL250 is a great fit.
Liberty looks to set pilots free with Alsim ALX
July 19, 2021
Liberty owns and operates over 25 aircraft. Two years ago it moved into a world class simulator facility that provides an exceptional training environment, and it has now added the ALX to its training arsenal.
July 11, 2021Alpha identifies Alsim AL42 as a great fit
July 11, 2021First convertible AL40/42 simulator lands in China
May 31, 2021AL42 number two is destined for Learn To Fly
May 3, 2021Sky Services Flight Academy plumps for Alsim ALX
May 3, 2021Malaysian flight school opts for Alsim AL42
March 19, 2021Pair of AL250s set to boost Tisdall training
March 1, 2021Flyschool opts for AL250 number two
February 22, 2021Future looks bright for Aerofutur as it selects ALX
December 1, 2020Versatile Alsim ALX hits an impressive century
November 2, 2020Convertible simulator from Alsim combines Diamonds
October 20, 2020Cannes academy takes on second Alsim AL42
October 12, 2020Starlite cites functionality as key reason for choosing AL250
September 26, 2020Alsim expands production capabilities with fresh factory
September 5, 2020Jerez ATO selects Alsim for ab initio
August 11, 2020Alsim cements relationship with CAFUC
July 14, 2020Ardmore can train more thanks to AL42 sim
July 14, 2020Alsim hopes for normality by fourth quarter
June 19, 2020FAS' Alsim ALX meets ‘all targets and needs’
June 15, 202043 Airschool brings fifth Alsim 250 onboard
June 15, 2020Solar-powered school selects Alsim ALX
March 22, 2020Alpes Aero of Annecy invests in Alsim
March 12, 2020Alsim advocate Waterloo brings in AL250
March 12, 2020Istanbul selects trusted Alsim AL250
March 7, 2020Sevenair thrilled to sign for Alsim ALX
February 25, 2020Dream Flyers delighted with Alsim ALX purchase
February 25, 2020FlyingPro inaugurates first ALX in South America
February 10, 2020Professione Volare revisits Alsim for simulator
January 20, 2020Training professionals choose Alsim ALX in Italy
December 16, 2019Royal-Star to build students' confidence with new sims
December 9, 2019Malaysian school updates Alsim AL42 trainer
December 3, 2019European and Canadian ATOs opt for Alsim
December 1, 2019BAA Training's AL250 in Spain makes swift arrival
December 1, 2019Alsim gains €2m development injection
November 22, 2019PFC phases out AL200 in favour of versatile ALX
November 22, 2019Vizyon clearly sees ALX as best option
November 11, 2019IFA chooses AL250 for real-life scenarios
October 28, 2019Portuguese pilots to learn craft on AL250
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