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Pilatus Aircraft   (Switzerland)

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News from Business Air News
Pilatus invests in solar energy-derived fuel from Synhelion
June 5, 2024
The companies aim to roll out sustainable solar fuels to the entire Pilatus customer fleet within the next 10 years.
Flyinggroup adds ninth PC-24 to management programme
May 24, 2024
The Belgian charter company has operated the Super Versatile Jet by Pilatus since 2020 and this PC-24 will bring variety and performance to the fleet.
Strong year leads Pilatus to infrastructure investment
February 22, 2024
Last year the OEM delivered 148 aircraft worth around $1.7bn, topped up a purchase order from the Spanish government, delivered its 12,000th PC-12 and launched the new PC-24 variant.
February 19, 2024NSW Ambulance PC-24s are ready for take off
January 4, 2024Haute Aviation flies the Matterhorn
January 2, 2024Pilatus takes on aircraft MRO in southeast US
December 13, 2023Tradewind gets two PC-12 NGX boost
November 12, 2023Canada's Ornge air ambulance service upgrades PC-12 fleet with order for 12
October 11, 2023Aviation Clean Air system approved for PC-24 installation
October 10, 2023Pilatus adds range, payload and cabin comforts to PC-24
October 2, 2023First of two PC-24s joins Otter fleet
September 9, 2023FlightSafety ups the ante on PC-24 FFSs
August 28, 2023Jetport adds to Canada-based PC-12 fleet
August 13, 2023Amaro adds second PC-24 to its Catarina fleet
July 1, 2023OpenSky brings first PC-12NGX to Japan
June 2, 2023NGX additions take Tradewind PC-12 fleet to 24
May 19, 2023PlaneSense receives milestone Pilatus PC-12
May 8, 2023Worldwide PC-12 fleet surpasses 10 million flight hours
April 24, 2023Platoon grows its fleet with Pilatus pair
April 16, 2023Pilatus bestows two awards on distributor KCAC
March 7, 2023Pilatus achievements go above and beyond in 2022
March 1, 2023PC-24s fly like a dream for Jetfly as tenth unit arrives
December 8, 2022Tradewind receives first PC-12 NGX of 20-strong order
October 17, 2022Pilatus sees high demand for PC-12 NGX and PC-24
October 1, 2022Pilatus acquires US sales and service centre
July 21, 2022Pilatus brings colour to Colorado with new paint facility
April 30, 2022Platoon picks up the keys to fourth PC-24
April 11, 2022Pilatus flies high at end of 2021 financial year
March 18, 2022Amaro closes BRL half billion deal for Pilatus additions
March 17, 2022WA Flying Doctor fleet boosted by third PC-24
March 4, 2022Tradewind boosts fleet with PC-12 NGX order
November 18, 2021Fly 7 gains approval on Fraska PC-12 NGX FSTD
November 18, 2021PC-12 delivery makes PlaneSense for fractional company
November 5, 2021PC-12 joins the RFDS fleet in Port Hedland
October 13, 2021Pilatus deals with backlog of orders as demand is high
October 11, 2021Western celebrates 25 years of supporting Pilatus
August 9, 2021Pilatus takes PC-24 tours online in absence of shows
July 29, 2021Beauty and comfort are selling points for F/List's SYNTEC
July 11, 2021Pilatus adds further advancements to PC-24 series
June 21, 2021It's all change at Pilatus as Loosli steps up
May 13, 2021True Blue batteries bring weight savings to PC-24
May 10, 2021Divine Flavor to vineyard-hop using PC-12 NGX
April 25, 2021Pilatus reflects on a robust year as Schwenk steps down
April 25, 2021Pilatus fans will be pleased with Western appointments
April 11, 2021PC-24 brings customers closer to Venice city centre
March 1, 2021Oriens completes first annual check on PC-24
February 8, 2021Commuter interior further drives PC-24 flexibility
January 6, 2021Jetfly of Luxembourg to operate 100th PC-24
November 29, 2020Russia gives go-ahead to PC-24 and its engine
November 22, 2020TAG on hand to provide PC-24 line and base at Geneva
November 8, 2020Level 6 PC-12 NGX simulator given FAA go-ahead
September 21, 2020Pilatus adds Avance L3 as PC-24 factory option
September 5, 2020Loosli and Gähwiler added to tight-knit Pilatus board
August 11, 2020Levaero ready to push PC-12 NGX in Canada
August 4, 2020Jetfly takes delivery of Pilatus double act
July 27, 2020PC-24 makes European medevac debut with KSA
June 2, 2020PC-12 NGX is on the way to first customers
May 18, 2020Pilatus posts positive numbers for 2019
May 5, 2020PC-24 to take to the skies over northernmost US
March 3, 2020FlightSafety adds European sim for PC-24
March 3, 2020Australian Flying Doctors add third Rio Tinto PC-24
February 11, 2020Pilatus concludes rough field certification
December 2, 2019Milestone PC-12 delivered to Jetfly
October 25, 2019Australian and American customers sign for the PC-12 NGX
October 25, 2019First sighting of enhanced PC-12 NGX
October 21, 2019US customer takes delivery of Pilatus' 50th jet
August 27, 2019Chile business takes South America's first PC-24
August 23, 2019Swedish air ambulance acquires six PC-24s
August 5, 2019Experienced operator takes Canada's first PC-24
July 9, 2019PC-24 lands on pastures new at Goodwood
June 29, 2019Canada certifies the 'off-road' PC-24
June 18, 2019Oriens wastes no time selling next batch of PC-24s
May 28, 2019Order book reopens for Pilatus PC-24
May 20, 2019Demand is high as ever for the PC-12
May 20, 2019FlightSafety to launch second PC-24 sim and FalconEye HUD
May 14, 2019PC-12 production aircraft gain Gogo Avance L3 option
May 14, 2019Successful year is springboard for Pilatus
May 7, 2019U-Haul receives the first of two PC-24s
March 12, 2019RUAG reconfirmed as PC-12 service centre
March 5, 2019Second PC-24 arrives in WA with the first off to a flying start
February 26, 2019Oriens becomes UK and Ireland PC-24 distributor
February 25, 2019Swiss government officials fly closer with PC-24
February 19, 2019PC-24s make so much sense for PlaneSense
December 4, 2018Australia’s RFDS leads the way for PC-24 medevac ops
October 25, 2018Pilatus opens completions facility in Broomfield, Colorado
October 23, 2018Demand for new and pre-owned PC-12 remains strong
October 23, 2018ExecuJet's African debutant PC-24 touches down
October 23, 2018Pilatus PC-24 fleet expands worldwide
September 27, 2018Fractional operator Jetfly welcomes first jet to fleet
August 28, 2018PC-12 owner steps up to the Pilatus jet
August 28, 2018ExecuJet to bring first PC-24 to Africa
June 27, 2018PC-24 can take the rough with the smooth
June 13, 2018Brabeck upgrades from Pilatus prop with factory fresh jet
December 14, 2017Certification of PC-24 signifies Pilatus' entry into business jet arena
December 13, 2017Going in with eyes wide open – will next year's crop of new business aircraft give you a good return?
December 13, 2017BySky brings business aviation to Belarus with PC-12 NG
August 31, 2017Pilatus to discontinue PC-6 production in 2019
August 2, 2017Entrepreneur selects PC-12 for business and leisure
June 7, 2017Pilatus takes PC-24 programme up a gear and promises Q4 deliveries
April 6, 2017Approval is set to boost numbers of PC-12s
November 10, 2016Third PC-12 joins EAPC ranks as company grows
June 7, 2016Pilatus PC-24 progress paints positive picture
March 31, 2016Middle East newcomer GI Aviation lines up commercial prop charter from Al Bateen
December 17, 2015Pilatus enhances PC-12 NG
November 18, 2015Second PC-24 prototype takes to the skies in maiden flight over Switzerland
June 12, 2015PC-24 takes off on maiden flight
February 12, 2015Swiss artist designs bespoke PC-12
December 3, 2014AMAC extends agreement to distribute PC-24 in Middle East
August 10, 2014Earhart completes her dream to circle the globe with extended range PC-12
June 9, 2014Jetfly puts its faith in PC-24 with four orders to widen fractional network
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: The latest aircraft vie for the limelight on the Geneva apron
April 3, 2014Me & my aircraft; Single engine turboprops: SETs are safe, versatile and economically viable: time for full scale commercial acceptance?
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
June 11, 2012PC-12 takes F1 team Sauber closer to the racetrack
March 12, 2012Me & My Aircraft: Single turbines score highly for reliability and value with owners throughout Europe
November 10, 2009Crestron md gains CAA type rating but puts work demands before personal enjoyment of piloting PC-12NG
May 6, 2009Air Alpha focuses on client finance to make the most of new orders
April 1, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Worldwide demand for the PC-12 continues unabated
April 1, 2009Me & My Aircraft: EASA will consider rule changes - but not until 2011
February 27, 2008Swissboogie charter rises to greater heights for historic Everest adventure
October 10, 2007Dexter targets PC-12 air taxis at officials, the 'middle class' and foreigners
October 10, 2007Cautious welcome given to Moscow’s promise of further reductions on business jet taxes
July 25, 2007Jetfly banks on 'green turbos' for business growth
June 27, 2007Dog owner's need for space led to growing PC-12 fleet
November 2, 2006New aircraft developments among highlights at record breaking NBAA
November 2, 2006Piper certification drive intensifies as Russian demand builds
July 27, 2006Irish businessmen buy Pilatus PC-12
June 28, 2006Thirty business aircraft expected to be on show at expanded Farnborough
May 2, 2006UK and Spanish PC-12 distributor at Aero Expo
May 2, 2006Jetfly appoints representative for Benelux and Germany
May 2, 2006Changes at the top for Pilatus
March 31, 2006PC-12 sets sales record
March 1, 2006ExecuJet parts ways with Pilatus
March 1, 2006Luxembird ventures into fractional charter
March 1, 2006Performance boost for PC-12s
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