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PC-24s fly like a dream for Jetfly as tenth unit arrives
Jetfly CEO Cédric Lescop says the PC-24 is the perfect aircraft for customer requirements. The aircraft has a large cabin, eight seats and a generous cargo area. The latest delivery takes the fleet to double figures.
Jetfly, the world’s largest PC-24 operator, has taken on its 10th ‘super versatile’ jet.
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Luxembourg-based Jetfly has taken delivery of its 10th PC-24, finished in a Philippe Starck design. It marks another milestone in a successful partnership of more than 20 years between Pilatus and Jetfly, which is the world’s largest PC-24 operator. The company also expects to take delivery of two further PC-24s before the year is out.

Launched in 1999, Jetfly operates mainly in western Europe. Each customer owns a share in an aircraft and is entitled to use the aircraft whenever they wish.

Jetfly CEO Cédric Lescop comments: “Since adding the first PC-24 to our fleet in 2018, we have seen more and more customers wanting to fly with this amazingly spacious versatile jet. It’s the perfect aircraft for us; our passengers appreciate and love it. Customers enjoy the bright, exceptionally large cabin with eight individually adjustable seats. The generous stowage space and cargo door allow for transport of large or bulky items of luggage. Passengers also like the fact that the PC-24 is capable of landing on very short runways. Thanks to this unique capability, they can fly to destinations not open to other jets: we can fly into St Tropez/La Môle or Gstaad, for example. So, we take our passengers faster and closer to their destination saving them valuable time. You can only do that in a PC-24.”

Pilatus VP of general aviation Ignaz Gretener adds: “Jetfly offers its customers a perfect service. It is remarkable to see how the fleet of PC-24 fractional operators has grown both in the US and in Europe since it was launched in 2018. More and more customers are deciding they cannot do without the ergonomic design, flexibility and safety of our ‘Swiss made’ business jet. In addition, its fuel efficient turbofan engines, which can run on SAF, ensure cost-effective use.”

With 20 years’ experience and more than 200,000 flight hours, Jetfly says it is a pioneer in the fractional ownership business. The company employs 430 people, including 190 of its own pilots. With 60 aircraft in total comprising 48 Pilatus PC-12s and (by the end of 2023) 12 PC-24s, the Jetfly Group operates the largest Pilatus fleet in Europe.

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