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FlightSafety Wichita Cessna Learning Center
FlightSafety Wichita Cessna Learning Center
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FlightSafety to launch second PC-24 sim and FalconEye HUD
Once manufacture is completed on FlightSafety's FS1000 simulator the company will commence PC-24 training at a second location in Paris. It is also incorporating FalconEye into its Dassault products.
The Dassault FalconEye Combined Vision System HUD has been added to Falcon simulators in Paris, Dallas and Teterboro.
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FlightSafety International will offer training for the Pilatus PC-24 aircraft at its Learning Center in Paris, France from next year. This will be the company's second PC-24 training location, and senior vice president, commercial Steve Gross says: “FlightSafety and Pilatus worked closely together to ensure owners and operators of the PC-24 receive the highest quality training and outstanding service they deserve and expect.”

FlightSafety’s team of Instructors provide pilots and maintenance technicians who operate and support the PC-24 aircraft with a wide variety of initial, recurrent, advanced and specialty courses.

Training for the Pilatus PC-24 aircraft is currently offered at FlightSafety’s Learning Center in Dallas, Texas using its Matrix integrated training system and a simulator qualified to Level D by the FAA and EASA. The company also provides training for the PC-12 and PC-12NG in Dallas, and the PC-12NG in Denver, Colorado.

Design and manufacture of the new FlightSafety FS1000 simulator for the PC-24 aircraft is underway at its simulator design and manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It will be equipped with the Honeywell Primus Apex avionics suite and incorporate synthetic vision. The simulator will feature FlightSafety’s latest advances in technology, including the CrewView collimated glass mirror display and VITAL 1150 visual system.

The company has also incorporated the Dassault FalconEye Combined Vision System HUD into its Falcon 900LX simulator in Dallas, as well as into Falcon 8X and Falcon 2000LXS simulators in Paris. It will also be installed in a new Falcon 2000LXS/900LX interchangeable simulator which is scheduled to be available for training at the Teterboro Learning Center in October 2019.

“Incorporating the Dassault FalconEye HUD into our simulators for the Falcon 900LX, Falcon 2000LXS, Falcon 2000S, and Falcon 8X highlights FlightSafety's commitment to develop and deliver training programmes that meet the current and upcoming requirements of our customers,” adds Gross.

The course provides pilots with the information and training required to take full advantage of the system. Ground school and simulator training addresses normal and abnormal operations, operations procedures and limitations in all phases of flight.

FalconEye HUD combines synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping and actual thermal and low-light camera images into a single view that provides an unprecedented level of situational awareness to flight crews in all conditions of operation, day and night. Training courses for operational credit down to 100 feet are also available for Falcons equipped with FalconEye HUD. In synthetic vision system (SVS) mode, the camera displays a 40° horizontal by 30° vertical field of view with a 1280×1024 resolution, one of the widest angles on any HUD, ensuring full coverage of the viewing area with no tunnel vision effects.

Training for Dassault Falcon aircraft is provided at FlightSafety's Learning Centers in Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Teterboro, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware; and at Paris-Le Bourget airport.

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