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Level 6 PC-12 NGX simulator given FAA go-ahead
A new PC-12 NGX simulator operated by SimCom replicates Pilatus' cockpit environment based on the Honeywell Primus Epic 2.0 system, and features touch screen avionics, single power control and autothrottle.
The training experience on the device is said to be ‘extremely realistic’.

An all-new Level 6 flight training device for Pilatus' PC-12 NGX has received FAA national simulator programme approval for training flight crews of Pilatus' latest single-engine turboprop. It is now in place and operational at the SimCom training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. SimCom is the exclusive factory approved training provider for the PC-12 NGX.

Built by Frasca International, the FTD was delivered to SimCom's Arizona training centre in Scottsdale earlier this summer. It has been undergoing evaluation and testing by Pilatus factory pilots, Frasca and SimCom engineers, PC-12 NGX customers and FAA evaluation pilots. The device replicates the Pilatus advanced cockpit environment based on the Honeywell Primus Epic 2.0 avionics system and features the new touch screen avionics controller, single power control lever and autothrottle system exclusive to the new PC-12 NGX. It incorporates Frasca's 220 degree spherical display system, and is the first PC-12 NGX flight training device in service.

The device is built with Pilatus Aircraft components and offers a realistic training experience. A second PC-12 NGX flight training device is under construction and will go into service in Europe in 2021.

SimCom's Scottsdale training centre manager Gary Santos states: “I'm very happy to announce that our PC-12 NGX flight training device Level 6, the highest level of realism for a fixed-wing flight training device, has passed its FAA evaluation today in our Scottsdale facility. As Pilatus's ingenuity paves the way in the single engine turboprop industry, the collaboration between Frasca engineers, Pilatus pilots and the SimCom team will allow us to lead the way in delivering high quality training in this market.”

In addition to the new flight training device, avionics software supplier Honeywell has produced an array of training videos for the PC-12 NGX that may be viewed through the Honeywell Pilot Gateway. Pilots find these learning tools extremely helpful prior to initial training and as a refresher to maintain proficiency.

Ignaz Gretener, VP general aviation of Pilatus concludes: “The market response to the new PC-12 NGX has exceeded our own expectations, and flight crews have been very keen to access formal classroom and simulator training for it. The new flight training devices in Arizona, and soon in Europe, will be heavily utilised by our customers. We are thankful for the continued great partnership between Pilatus and SimCom that enabled us to achieve this milestone.”

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