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Aviation Clean Air system approved for PC-24 installation
PC-24s can have ACA's ionisation purification systems installed as they run off the production line. They are also approved as an aftermarket option.

Aviation Clean Air's ionisation purification system is to be installed as a factory-approved production option in the new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet from Pilatus. It is also approved for installation as an aftermarket option.

“We are proud that Pilatus has chosen to include the ACA system as an option for new aircraft owners,” says ACA managing member Howard Hackney. “Our system is the only proactive system that immediately improves interior air quality and neutralises pathogens. Although it has been installed on a variety of aircraft models for several years, the advent of COVID brought the need to mitigate the spread of that virus, and others, into sharper focus. Our system is proven to do just that as well as providing a host of other benefits that ensure a safe and comfortable cabin environment.”

Extensive testing by independent laboratories in a setting designed to replicate the conditions of corporate and commercial aircraft interiors has demonstrated that the needlepoint bipolar ionisation (NPBI) technology that powers ACA's system successfully neutralised 99.9 per cent of airborne and surface pathogens, including COVID-19. The NPBI process also removes odours, dust and pollen, sterilises mould, neutralises common industrial gases and reduces static electricity. In addition, with the fresher, cleaner cabin air, passengers and crews report feeling refreshed, even after long flights.

“At Pilatus we are committed to providing the best-equipped, efficient and comfortable aircraft,” says Ignaz Gretener, vice president of the business aviation unit. “By introducing the option of the ACA system, we are elevating air quality inside the PC-24 and guaranteeing a pathogen-free environment for the most demanding customers.”

The ACA system is installed in the aircraft's environmental control system (ECS) and functions automatically whenever the ECS is running. The system provides constant decontamination of the aircraft interior, while producing no ozone or chemicals and requiring no maintenance. Plans for installation of the ACA system in other Pilatus Aircraft are being developed.

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