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Jetfly takes delivery of Pilatus double act
Jetfly has been behind Pilatus' PC-24 programme right from the outset, and already has four of the type in its fleet. A fifth aircraft has now arrived, as has Jetfly's first PC-12 NGX. It is a Pilatus front-runner in Europe.
Jetfly’s fifth PC-24 and first PC-12 NGX were handed over together.
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Jetfly Aviation has taken delivery of two new aircraft: a fifth PC-24 and a PC-12 NGX. Jetfly currently operates 47 Pilatus aircraft and opted for the Swiss-made PC-24 right from the earliest days of the programme. The fractional ownership provider has thus far operated four PC-24s with which it has flown over 2,400 hours. The latest PC-24 is designed by Philippe Starck.

Cédric Lescop, Jetfly CEO, states: “The handover of our fifth PC-24 within two years marks the end of a successful phase of expansion. We are proud that our PC-24 fractional ownership programme has already attracted 50 part owners. Everyone is very happy with the Super Versatile Jet's performance and extremely appreciative of the generous cabin. Firmly convinced of the qualities of this unique aircraft, we are already looking forward to taking delivery of our sixth PC-24 towards the end of this year.”

A first PC-12 NGX, the latest version of the Pilatus bestseller, was also handed over to Jetfly on the same occasion. Jetfly general manager Maxime Bouchard adds: “When Pilatus presented the upgraded features of the next generation of PC-12s to us last year we were on board immediately. The new cabin with its larger windows and full authority digital engine control system – to name but two improvements – have added significantly to a product that is already extremely popular.”

Pilatus VP of general aviation Ignaz Gretener was also at the handover: “This double delivery to Jetfly, a customer of many years, is proof that we are very much on the right track with our two general aviation products, the PC-12 NGX and the PC-24,” he says. “Our customers appreciate the versatility and unique qualities of both aircraft. The launch of the PC-12 NGX is going very well indeed and confirms that a combination of reliability and efficiency paired with modern design and comfort is particularly appealing in the current market. Demand for the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet also remains high.”

Founded in 1999, Jetfly is a fractional ownership operator. Its customers each own a share in an aircraft, entitling them to hire it for private or business use whenever they wish. The company's fleet is comprised entirely of Pilatus aircraft.

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