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Pilatus PC-12

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Demand for new and pre-owned PC-12 remains strong
Top of the turboprops, 1,600 PC-12s are now in service and 2018 sales of the NG should reach 80 aircraft. Demand remains strong around the world and resale values hold firm.
Pilatus expects to have delivered 80 new PC-12 NGs in 2018.

The 1,600th Swiss single-engine turboprop PC-12 has entered into service and Pilatus expects delivery of new PC-12 NGs to reach 80 in 2018. These figures extend the distinction earned by this multifunctional aircraft of scoring the highest annual sales volumes of all turbine-powered business aircraft.

Continued enhancements to the company's service network and policies such as additional authorised Pilatus service centres around the world, 24/7/365 global support and expanded maintenance intervals have helped drive greater customer satisfaction and lower direct operating costs.

Because of the versatility of the platform, Pilatus says that independent data services indicate demand for pre-owned PC-12s remaining very high, with the total percentage of fleet for sale hovering around just four per cent. This has had a direct impact on long-term residual values of PC-12s, which maintain approximately 80 per cent of their original retail price.

President of aviation market strategy and research firm Rolland Vincent Associates Rolland Vincent observes: “Aircraft owners, operators, lenders, lessors, dealers, brokers and appraisers should take note of the unique market performance, competitive positioning and residual value retention of the Pilatus PC-12. Reflecting Swiss design expertise, high-quality engineering, operations savvy and production and pricing discipline, the PC-12 is unrivalled in retaining value in its market segment.”

Pilatus vice president of marketing Tom Aniello adds: “Many of our customers come to the PC-12 for the simple reason that it represents the best combination of comfort, performance, value, safety and efficiency available at any price. Whether the economy is going up or down, or whether it is someone's first turbine aircraft or an addition to a fleet of jets, we've yet to have anyone regret owning and operating a PC-12. We repeatedly hear that if they could only have one airplane forever, it would be a PC-12.”

Pilatus vice president of general aviation Ignaz Gretener has managed the PC-12 programme since its certification. He continues: “We've come a long way with the PC-12 and have learned a lot from our customers in over seven million flight hours and 1,600 delivered aircraft. Together with our trusted and reliable partners Pratt & Whitney Canada and Honeywell we will continue to innovate and enhance this platform to maintain Pilatus' leadership in both in sales and in service.”

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