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PC-24 lands on pastures new at Goodwood
The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a widely renowned celebration of motorsport and car culture. Those who take an interest in machinery were impressed by Pilatus' jet after it landed at Goodwood's grass airfield.
The PC-24 landed on a grass runway in Goodwood for the Festival of Speed.
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A Pilatus PC-24 recently landed on the grass runway at Goodwood Aerodrome in preparation for its display to the general public at the Festival of Speed, which took place from 4 to 7 July. The PC-24 is the first ever business jet to land at this field.

Goodwood Aerodrome is located northeast of Chichester in the south of England. The airfield is an all-grass operating environment with two runways. The PC-24 landed on grass runway 06/24, which is only 2,621 feet (799 metres) long.

The PC-24 has already obtained initial certification from EASA and the FAA for use on dirt and gravel runways. Further certification for other surface types, including grass, is currently in the pipeline and should be complete by the end of this year. The jet has also been certified for steep approaches.

Two PC-12 NGs were also on display during the festival.

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