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Beauty and comfort are selling points for F/List's SYNTEC
Manufactured by F/LIST at its headquarters in Thomasberg, Austria, the SYNTEC tiles provide a robust, stain resistant surface which is easy to clean and maintain, while meeting all aviation fire retardant requirements.
The tiles are a compelling alternative to carpet.
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Austria-based F/List, a creator of handcrafted interiors for business and private jets, yachts and exclusive homes, has confirmed that the first two installations of the F/List SYNTEC flooring system have taken place on two Pilatus PC-24s.

The inaugural floor installation was undertaken at the Pilatus Broomfield facility, on a new PC-24 owned by a private customer, while the second installation took place at the Pilatus Stans, Switzerland-based headquarters. Both the private customer and the OEM chose to install the SYNTEC tiles in the high-traffic entryway areas to optimise the durability, practicality and contemporary style dimension the flooring brings to the aircraft.

The fresh alternative to carpet consists of individually pre-manufactured tiles that are fixed to the aircraft floors by a newly developed mounting system. Evolved from the F/List stone flooring product, the simple laying system streamlines the installation process. Easy access to the fuselage for inspection and maintenance, design changes, and single tile exchanges for repairs, rather than complete flooring removal, are also possible. The ease of installation and replacement minimises potential damage to surrounding monuments, reduces refurbishment costs and supports asset value retention by enabling numerous flooring upgrade options.

Manufactured by F/List at its headquarters in Thomasberg, Austria, the SYNTEC tiles provide a robust, stain resistant surface which is easy to clean and maintain, while meeting all aviation fire retardant requirements. Each suite of tiles is produced to match specific customer requirements and is delivered to the aircraft OEM, or completion centre, with an accompanying, customised manual to ensure the flooring is laid in the correct sequence. The rectangular or square pieces, or a combination of both, can be customised to produce a multitude of design options and surface finishes including wood looks.

“Our customer was looking for an elegant and different aesthetic for his aircraft,” says Ignaz Gretener, VP for general aviation at Pilatus. “The flooring also had to be easy to clean, beautiful and, as the aircraft flies regularly, strong enough to handle the heavy footfall of the crew and their boots. The style and panache of the SYNTEC flooring, combined with its ease of maintenance supported the decision to integrate it into the entry way design

“It brings another level of sophistication to the aircraft interior by complementing the neutral tones of the carpet, monuments and leather seats, while adding practical functionality. These are the reasons we also decided to outfit our own demonstrator aircraft with the flooring, and we are already seeing a very positive reaction from customers to this option.”

A further three European Pilatus customers have already requested installation of the SYNTEC flooring in their newly purchased PC-24 aircraft to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

“When we developed the SYNTEC product we wanted to provide a cost-effective flooring solution to customers, that supported practicalities like cleaning, ease of maintenance, longevity, and operational costs, yet offered the possibility of even more design choices,” explains Anita Gradwohl, group director of customer relations and sales at F/List. “The SYNTEC system is designed to create simple, elegant styling, or more complex herringbone, parquet, or planking designs, as well as intricate patterns. We wanted to create a product that inspires the imagination. Our clients look to us for originality, innovation and concepts that make their aircraft interiors stand out. With the SYNTEC flooring we are meeting those expectations with a versatile product that supports all the requirements in terms of resilience, beauty, and comfort.”

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