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Divine Flavor to vineyard-hop using PC-12 NGX
Buyer Alán Aguirre says that the return on cost for the PC-12 NGX is certainly the best in its category, as the NGX includes the latest engine and avionics technology, and the interior and exterior is a ‘thing of beauty’.
Adrian Zambrano hands the keys to Alán Aguirre of Divine Flavor.

Divine Flavor, a family-run and grower-owned distribution company based in Nogales, Arizona, has taken delivery of the 1,800th PC-12 from Pilatus. At 82 deliveries, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association's 2020 Year-End Aircraft Shipment Report, the Pilatus PC-12 was the most popular model of all turbine-powered business aircraft.

Divine Flavor owner Alán Aguirre has greenhouses and vineyards throughout Mexico. Following the first flight in his new PC-12 NGX, he says: “We're very satisfied with our purchase of the 1,800th PC-12, and after flying it I'm certain we made the right choice. The return on cost is certainly the best in its category, as the NGX includes the latest engine and avionics technology, and the interior and exterior is a thing of beauty. Pilatus should be proud of the distinctive precision of its Swiss origin.”

Adrian Zambrano, MD of the authorised Pilatus sales and service centre in Mexico, handed over the keys to Aguirre at the Pilatus Broomfield completions and delivery centre in Colorado, and states: “We're privileged to work with Pilatus and also with driven and successful customers who place their trust in our aircraft. We're looking forward to the next 1,800 PC-12s!”

The PC-12 NGX represents the third major evolutionary progression of the PC-12 airframe. Introduced at the 2019 NBAA-BACE, the NGX incorporates the first electronic propeller and engine control system in a turboprop aircraft. The Pratt & Whitney PT6-67E engine is also coupled to a fully integrated auto throttle, reducing pilot workload, increasing efficiency and extending the time between overhaul by 43 per cent. Pilatus incorporated additional upgrades to the NGX including larger cabin windows, all-new passenger seats and reduced cabin noise with a new cabin air distribution system and a propeller low-speed mode.

CEO of Pilatus Business Aircraft Thomas Bosshard states: “We are extremely pleased to have the honour of delivering this milestone aircraft to Mr Aguirre. The PC-12 programme continues to exceed all expectations originally set for it by Pilatus. The market response to the PC-12 NGX has been fantastic, and we are seeing many operators of earlier PC-12s, twin turboprops and light jets making the switch to an aircraft which offers proven reliability, performance and safety combined with the latest in engine and avionics technology.”

The PC-12 NGX performs many roles worldwide, including executive transport, commuter, medevac, police and border surveillance, cargo transport, military liaison, and regional airliner. The PC-12 fleet has amassed over eight million flight hours of operating experience, including hundreds of thousands of hours in some of the world's harshest environments.

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