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Loosli and Gähwiler added to tight-knit Pilatus board
The two outgoing board members at Pilatus, Gerhard Beindorff and Bernhard Müller, are heading for retirement. The dynamic duo of Hansueli Loosli and Lukas Gähwiler have arrived in their stead.

Pilatus' recent extraordinary general meeting saw shareholders elect two new members to the board of directors: Hansueli Loosli and Lukas Gähwiler. Both have a strong track record, making them well-suited to continue building a sustainable and strategically successful future for the Swiss aircraft manufacturer.

Loosli, chairman of the board of directors at Coop and Swisscom, has already won the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in recognition of his past achievements. Gähwiler has been in office as chairman of the board of directors at UBS Switzerland since 2017. Before that, he spent over six years as a member of the UBS Group executive board, acquiring expertise in finance.

Chairman Oscar J. Schwenk comments: “I'm proud to have won two such well qualified members for our board of directors. Our Swiss colleagues have all the experience required for the task and will assist us in developing and carrying forward into the future our strategy as an independent Swiss aircraft manufacturer. Together, our goal is to reinforce our commitment to Switzerland as a workplace and strengthen our uncompromising focus on the customer, thereby safeguarding over 2,000 jobs at the site in Stans.”

The two outgoing board members, Gerhard Beindorff and Bernhard Müller, did not stand for re-election for reasons of age. Pilatus has thanked both gentlemen for their valuable work on behalf of the company over the past decade and wishes them all the very best for the future.

The new Pilatus board of directors will therefore comprise Oscar J. Schwenk, chairman; Gratian Anda, vice chairman and Dominik Burkart, member, plus the two newly elected members, Hansueli Loosli and Lukas Gähwiler. Pilatus plans to add further members to the board in the coming year.

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