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Canada's Ornge air ambulance service upgrades PC-12 fleet with order for 12
The Ontario government is funding the expansion and renewal of the Ornge Pilatus fleet, to better connect northern and rural communities to critical care. Deliveries will arrive between 2026 to 2030.
Ornge is adding four PC-12s to its fixed wing air ambulance fleet and replacing its existing eight aircraft.
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Ornge, the provider of air ambulance and critical care transport services for the Canadian province of Ontario, will take delivery of 12 PC-12 turboprops between 2026 and 2030 to extend and modernise its fleet, thanks to investment by the Ontario government of over $108 million.

Ornge currently owns and operates a fleet of fixed and rotor wing aircraft, including eight Pilatus PC-12 NGs, which will be rotated out of service with the acquisition of the new aircraft. It has been operating its current fleet of PC-12s since 2009.

President and CEO Dr Homer Tien says: "The Pilatus PC-12 has played a significant role in Ontario's air ambulance programme for many years. Its performance, versatility and reliability have helped us deliver high quality care in transport across the province, including many remote indigenous communities in the north. With the renewal of our fleet, we know that this aircraft will continue to help us save lives and deliver health equity for generations to come."

Thomas Bosshard, president and CEO of Pilatus Business Aircraft, adds: "We are very pleased that Ornge has elected to continue the excellent long-term partnership with Pilatus in this upgrade to its fleet. We take great pride in being able to support the health care system of Ontario's citizens."

Ornge's operations control centre, located in Mississauga, coordinates all logistics related to medical transports operating out of 14 bases across Ontario. Ornge serves more than 13 million people in an area spanning over one million square kilometres. Operating the largest air ambulance and critical care land ambulance fleet in Canada, Ornge performs approximately 20,000 patient-related transports per year.

Once the new 12 aircraft fleet is ready in 2026, Ornge will be able to add two fully staffed, 24/7 air ambulance crews to further connect people in the region in need of rapid emergency care.

Ontario is also providing Ornge with nearly $10 million to move from its existing Sudbury base to a larger hangar in the city that can house both its helicopter and expanded fixed wing services in one base.

"This is a transformative investment in Ontario's air ambulance and critical care transport programme. With a new 24/7 fixed wing air ambulance crew based in northeastern Ontario and additional aircraft added to our fleet, we will be able to bring high quality care in transport to more patients with enhanced reliability," says Tien. "This will help us deliver on our mandate to improve health equity, particularly in northern Ontario and among northern indigenous communities."

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