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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022

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Business aviation in Alaska

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Business aviation suppliers in Alaska

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This P2012 Traveller is going to serve the local communities of Alaska.

Kenai puts P2012 to work on Alaskan operations

Kenai Aviation is leading the way in Alaskan operations with its P2012 Traveller. The company believes other operators will be quick to acquire one once it proves its capabilities.

April 7, 2022   Full report

Pathfinder Aviation has signed a contract for 20 Foresight MX systems, GPMS’s enhanced HUMS solution.

Pathfinder adopts Foresight MX fleet-wide

Rogan Parker and his Pathfinder team understand the need for advanced, detailed monitoring and insight. Hence their adoption of Foresight MX across the fleet.

March 14, 2022   Full report

Aircraft like Airflow's eSTOL could prove pivotal in the future of aviation.

Ravn Alaska puts pen to paper for 50 Airflow eSTOLs

An agreement with Ravn Alaska brings Airflow's total order book to over $200 million. Airflow says its hybrid-electric aircraft are able to enter into service with no new infrastructure requirements and limited hurdles.

June 10, 2021   Full report

Pathfinder's Bell aircraft are accustomed to feeling the chill.

Pathfinder first to implement Foresight MX on Bell 212/412

Foresight MX is a helicopter health monitoring system. Providing predictive engine and drivetrain monitoring with remaining useful life estimates on all monitored components, it reduces costs and elevates safety.

April 11, 2021   Full report

Granite Air hopes to achieve Scope 3 carbon neutrality in the coming years.

Granite demonstrates rock solid sustainability

43 of Air Elite's member locations have become carbon neutral including Granite Air Center, the sole FBO at Lebanon Municipal airport in Lebanon, New Hampshire, which has greatly reduced Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

March 22, 2021   Full report