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Beechcraft Textron Aviation   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Successful avionics testing pushes Beechcraft Denali through certification plans
May 7, 2024
Following its FAA Type Inspection Authorisation earlier this year, the Denali is now beginning the certification flight test phase. Its avionics take full advantage of the latest technology to ease pilot workload.
Textron unveils expanded global parts distribution facility
May 3, 2024
With thousands of Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawkers in operation, Textron needs readily available parts to keep customers flying. The facility's larger footprint allows for increased inventory for new and existing models.
TAM aces Textron aircraft sales for second year in a row
April 15, 2024
TAM Executive Aviation is named as the largest sales representative of Cessna Citation jets and Cessna and Beechcraft turboprops in world for a second consecutive year.
February 12, 2024Textron bolsters Saudi support through expanding relationship with Wallan
December 13, 2023Textron aircraft owners to offset through SustainableAdvantage programme
October 23, 2023Textron support locations earn FAA SMS acceptance
October 18, 2023The 100th King Air 360 goes to California cancer care operator
September 19, 2023Textron expands Wichita interior manufacturing facility
September 9, 2023Construction on track for Textron expanded parts distribution
August 25, 2023MJets gains Gulfstream and Textron appointments
July 25, 2023Textron ups passenger comfort with CoolView for King Airs
July 14, 2023King Air order pitches Textron into Saudi weather modification
June 7, 2023Carson Air awarded fixed wing medevac contract for British Columbia
June 1, 2023Alpha Star inks deals for air med King Air 360C and MRO
May 11, 2023Textron bestows Autoland on upcoming Denali
March 3, 2023GAMA figures show favourable year for Textron and Embraer
February 28, 2023Textron expands parts availability in Alaska
December 20, 2022King Air 360 gets cooler with standard electric air con
November 6, 2022Textron breaks ground on distribution centre expansion
October 21, 2022Queensland aeromedical future takes off with first B360
October 21, 2022Textron to extend parts support at Kansas HQ
October 16, 2022Textron keeps European sales in experienced hands
October 8, 2022Queensland invests in King Air and Gulfstream aircraft
August 19, 2022Special mission King Airs support US forest fire service
August 16, 2022TAM opens Goiânia service centre and celebrates Textron relationship
June 20, 2022Second test Denali completes first flight
June 13, 2022Textron masterminds eighth Special Olympics airlift
May 29, 2022Textron expands parts availability for Europe's aftermarket
March 28, 2022Coca-Cola XLS+ leads landings for Special Olympics
November 25, 2021Beechcraft Denali enters flight test phase
September 13, 2021King Airs 360/360ER and 260 achieve EASA certification
September 1, 2021Catalyst engine tests run smoothly for Textron
July 27, 2021Future King Air 260s gain interior colour options
July 26, 2021Textron brings Denali on brand with Beechcraft props
July 11, 2021Textron qualifies Sherwin-Williams for OEM and repaints
June 26, 2021Manning comes onboard with Textron to promote Olympics Airlift
May 29, 2021Avfuel and Textron ink deal for sustainable fuel
May 21, 2021Premier centres cement Textron's Asia Pacific presence
May 3, 2021Latest King Airs are ready for lift off in Brazil
March 25, 2021Extended range King Air 360s to patrol the US border
March 25, 2021Textron calls on customers to deliver Special Olympics flights
March 15, 2021FAA gives the go ahead to King Air 260
March 15, 2021King Air 200s and 300s are playing it cool
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 15, 2021RFDS King Air fleet receives a shot in the arm
February 8, 2021Aviation Clean Air system ready for Textron installation
February 2, 2021Air Archipels to debut cargo door King Air
December 28, 2020Atmospheric experts add another survey King Air
December 7, 2020King Air 260 is jewel in the crown of 200 series lineup
November 16, 2020Stamoules crowned as King Air 360 launch customer
October 25, 2020King Air 360 now has Avance L3 option
October 18, 2020Customs and Border Protection adds two more King Airs
October 6, 2020Textron's latest King Air passes certification
September 21, 2020Wheels Up's orange King Air raises hunger awareness
September 8, 2020Textron aircraft owners can take advantage of SAF
August 28, 2020Victoria to utilise King Air 350ER to keep the state safe
August 10, 2020Textron fine-tunes customer experience with King Air 360 series
July 8, 2020Government to deploy King Air 350C in Athens
May 22, 2020US Customs contracts for enforcement King Air 350CER
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
November 23, 2019Nose modification enhances King Air storage
October 22, 2019Textron consolidates parts supply across the US
September 21, 2019Textron to be a service fulfiller in Manila
September 15, 2019Textron increases spares support for Asia Pacific
July 23, 2019Beechcraft's Baron 58 reaches 50 years aloft
June 29, 2019New King Air 250 joins DragonFly in Cardiff
June 18, 2019Textron will be first to receive FlightAware Global
June 18, 2019Textron adds Flightdocs to recommended providers
May 22, 2019Textron hub will enhance record keeping
March 5, 2019Textron expands Australian customer service solutions
February 5, 2019Textron goes long by ramping up Super Bowl support
January 15, 2019Textron enhances flight deck features for Beechcraft pistons
November 3, 2018Textron Aviation and King Ranch launch special edition King Air 350i
October 23, 2018Draper progresses to Textron upper echelons
October 16, 2018Training giants join forces for Textron aircraft support
November 1, 2017Babcock invests in King Airs and medevac Latitude to serve Norway
May 10, 2017Aviator eyes rotary expansion after solid start with C90
May 3, 2016Textron rebrand is paying dividends and increasing options for customers
April 4, 2016Textron's Fusion-equipped King Airs are cleared
August 5, 2015Textron selects McCauley for Grand Caravan EX and Baron props
August 4, 2015Pre-owned Aircraft Market Analysis: Tom Perry, vp of sales for Europe at Textron Aviation, says...
August 4, 2015Textron re-appoints Gama
September 10, 2014Plennegy invests in C90GTx to ease runway performance in unpredictable conditions
September 10, 2014FlairJet boosts choice with short haul Mustang
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: The latest aircraft vie for the limelight on the Geneva apron
October 10, 2013Tanzanair's twin turboprop is the ideal solution for regional African charter
September 12, 2013Marshall takes on Beechcraft's UK sales and flagship Chester MRO centre
June 11, 2013Me and My Aircraft–Twin turboprops: Bristow approaches thirty years of specialistservice and improvements to King Airs
June 11, 2013Me and My Aircraft–Twin turboprops: The turboprop faithful sing the praises of rugged workhorses everywhere
June 11, 2013SaxonAir adds flexible Baron to mixed fleet
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
May 13, 2013DSA takes first AS350
December 10, 2012Alliances may be key to unlock charter success
November 13, 2012JoinJet tops up its order with three more Hawkers
November 13, 2012Ambassador brings in a brace of King Airs
October 15, 2012Beechcraft owners fly in for birthday celebration
June 11, 2012Longer range and comfort are key for expanding Romanian operator
June 11, 2012Lower emissions seal the deal as JoinJet signs for two Hawkers
June 11, 2012Comfortable Hawker 4000 fills the gap for Russian charter specialist Orion Malta
February 10, 2012SaxonAir enters mid-size market with 900XP
September 1, 2011Mach looks beyond Ireland's shores for Beech buyers
September 1, 2011Hangar8 takes top spot for Hawkers
June 8, 2011Hawker buyers to bag free Lotus
May 5, 2011Beechjet expands World Executive charter options
May 5, 2011Swan's range is extended by fleet additions
April 5, 2011JoinJet Hawker 800XP’s major upgrade expected to be first of many
December 1, 2010Synergy Aviation bases King Air in Malta for dedicated air ambulance work
October 6, 2010ExecuJet adds Hawker 800XP to its fleet
September 2, 2010Air Hamburg delighted with King Air 200
September 2, 2010MSV puts King Air into gear to speed up motor sport efficiency
August 4, 2010SaxonAir celebrates Hawker 400XP debut success
August 4, 2010ProAir adds King Air F90 capability to growing fleet
August 4, 2010Synergy bases King Air in Malta for air ambulance work
July 1, 2010Madjet to introduce King Air 350 in 2011
July 1, 2010Two years 'free' flights from bargain Beech 400A
June 1, 2010Fishing enthusiast casts roomy King Air B200GT in star role
June 1, 2010Hangar 8 reports positive response to Hawker additions
April 28, 2010JoinJet stands on its own feet with new management and Hawker 800XP
April 28, 2010PremiAir adds fixed wing management to services
April 28, 2010Synergy develops cost-effective King Air fleet's capability
March 3, 2010King Air 350 fits the bill for Alpha
February 3, 2010Hawker and Challenger arrivals boost fast-growing Private Sky
February 3, 2010Specsavers eyes new business efficiencies with Super King Airs
December 19, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Hawker 1000 and 4000
November 10, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Multi-task workhorses are becoming much rarer as owners trade up to turbine power
November 10, 2009Rizon brings Hawker and Challenger on stream
September 8, 2009Empire takes delivery of first of three Hawker 4000s
August 11, 2009Me & My Aircraft: King Air 200s reign high in the affections of pilots and owners
August 11, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Short runways and the high price of fuel provide fertile conditions for Europe's shrinking fleet of turbine twins
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: CAM Aviation expands small aircraft support services to include Hawker 400
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Single point fuelling on 400A operator wishlist
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Manhattan Jet Charter augments world's largest Premier fleet with Learjet alternative
June 5, 2009Partners order Premier II and plan Saudi development
June 5, 2009Champion golfer tees up time-saving
June 5, 2009Spot Air expands operations in Europe and the Middle East
May 6, 2009Synergy expands turboprop and jet fleets
April 1, 2009Hawkers undergo modification for cloud seeding missions to replenish aquifers in Saudi Arabia
April 1, 2009Blackhawk debut brings Capital gains as businesses cut spending
April 1, 2009Private Sky predicts further growth for managed fleet
March 3, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Outside luggage access tops Hawker wishlist
December 2, 2008Middle East Focus: AJA order underlines charter operators' commitment to servicing regional growth in vip demand
December 2, 2008Entrepreneur enjoys the freedom of Hawker 400XP back-up plan
October 30, 2008UK company acquires 400XPs
September 29, 2008Heliportugal provides Hawker sales and service
September 1, 2008Rizon Jet plans a Challenger and Hawker fleet for all seasons
July 30, 2008Entrepreneur is happy to go private and leave business class behind
July 1, 2008Pre-owned makeovers fill the gap until new aircraft can be delivered
July 1, 2008Western Aviation to add Hawker 4000 to its 900XP
June 9, 2008Hawker 900XP heralds designs for expansion in the Czech Republic
February 1, 2008NetJets Europe accelerates new aircraft deliveries
December 5, 20072008 deliveries expand Europe's charter fleets
December 4, 2007Saudi Arabia orders five 350Cs for medevac throughout kingdom
December 4, 2007Falcons and Hawkers go for Axxess
December 4, 2007Sertur Air keeps its 'new jets every year' promise
September 7, 2007HBC celebrates expansion in Europe
September 7, 2007900XP achieves certification
September 7, 2007DragonFly and Lombard navigate Super King purchase
June 27, 2007Rizon Jet Airline aims to take private charter to a much wider audience
June 27, 2007EAS hunts Hawker 800XP to boost charter capacity
June 27, 2007Acquisitions planned for ExecuJet's Danish fleet
June 8, 2007NetJets Europe to add 32 stand-up cabin Hawker 4000 jets
June 8, 2007Manhattan Jet Charter plans to go the distance for longer range clients after bringing Premier tally to five
June 8, 2007SaxonAir charts the travel needs of the corporate executive
May 2, 2007Hawker 4000 attracts 100 orders
May 2, 2007Trans Euro lands PA31 and searches for acquisitions
March 28, 2007Stretcher system wins Italian EASA approval
February 28, 2007Titan upgrades from B200 to roomier B350
February 1, 2007ASL stresses potential of Eclipse fleet
February 1, 2007Elite Jets ready to take delivery of third 850XP
February 1, 2007Capital looks for more Super King Airs to crown successful expansion
February 1, 2007750 boost for Europe as Netjets doubles order
February 1, 2007Markoss Aviation UK offers London City incentive as it grows managed fleet
February 1, 2007Medline favours B200 for air ambulance division
February 1, 2007Air Charter Scotland jets into 2007 as it leaves turboprops behind
February 1, 2007Engineering firm chairman enjoys the business benefits of wise Super King Air purchase
February 1, 2007Topjet adds a versatile 850XP
November 30, 2006Private charter 'fan' acquires own company and goes for growth in first year
November 2, 2006New aircraft developments among highlights at record breaking NBAA
November 2, 2006DragonFly acquires second King Air for mercy dash
November 2, 2006Gold Air pledges post-takeover expansion
October 4, 2006Execujet adds Hawker 850XP and Challenger 850 to its Russian fleet
July 27, 2006Manhattan Jet Charter ponders expansion
July 27, 2006NetJets Europe takes 100th aircraft - and eyes more
July 27, 2006Topjet believes Hawker 850XP will give it room to expand
June 28, 2006Extra aircraft on medical standby
June 28, 2006Chief pilot lauds business-boosting Hawker 800XP
June 28, 2006Skyline seeks King Air pilots
June 2, 2006Raytheon boosts market share
June 2, 2006Raytheon appoints sales representative for Germany
June 2, 2006Club328 woos clients in Germany and the south of France with more Dorniers and Premier 1s
June 2, 2006King Air owners sign up for power boost
May 2, 2006SFD marks 50 years of operations
May 2, 2006Raytheon donates $50,000 to Corporate Angel Network
May 2, 2006NetJets supports growing fleet with BE1900D
May 2, 2006UK operator appoints operations director
May 2, 2006Raytheon appoints sales director 
March 31, 2006Xclusive acquires a Citation II
March 31, 2006Increased range and avionics encourage Markoss Aviation to acquire Hawker 800XP
March 31, 2006RAC appoints industry veterans
March 31, 2006Frequent flyers offered new charter opportunity
March 31, 2006Flowair plans for 'inexpensive' Twin Stars
March 31, 2006King Air duo selected for air ambulance operations
March 1, 2006King Air modification certified for Europe
March 1, 2006New Turkish operator acquires 800XP
March 1, 2006Hawker undergoes major refurbishment for Italian firm
March 1, 2006Chalair expands Beechcraft charter fleet
January 30, 2006NetJets primed for further expansion
January 30, 2006Conditions are bright for Air Service Liege
January 30, 2006Manhattan launches block hour scheme with Premiers
January 30, 2006Club328 meets demand for light jets with Beechcraft Premier Is
January 30, 2006SFD goes back to its roots with managed King Air C90
December 1, 2005Raytheon certifies Premier IA
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