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Lower emissions seal the deal as JoinJet signs for two Hawkers
Danish air charter operator JoinJet is confidently investing in its future development by ordering a Hawker 4000 and a Hawker 400XPR, and also signing up for high-speed data access on these and its existing Hawker 800XPR and 800XP.

Danish air charter operator JoinJet is confidently investing in its future development by ordering a Hawker 4000 and a Hawker 400XPR, and also signing up for high-speed data access on these and its existing Hawker 800XPR and 800XP.

Kristoffer Sundberg, general manager of JoinJet, says: "We wanted to purchase a segment-leading aircraft with unmatched technology without having to sacrifice efficiency, so we are delighted to confirm the purchase of the Hawker 400XPR. With its greater range, increased performance and state-of-the-art technology – integrated with outstanding payload flexibility and value – we are sure the 400XPR will prove an invaluable addition to our fleet."

Hawker Beechcraft anticipates certification of the 400XPR in September 2012 and JoinJet's aircraft is due to be delivered in the first quarter of 2013.

The Hawker 400XPR upgrade combines the increased power of the FJ44-4A-32 engines with the superior aerodynamics of winglets. It offers greatly improved range and airfield performance while reducing noise footprint and emissions.

"JoinJet has been so pleased with the performance and operating costs of the Hawker 800XPR they took delivery of in the third quarter last year," says Christi Tannahill, Hawker Beechcraft svp, global customer support. "They have great confidence in the Hawker 400XPR and are looking forward to adding it to their fleet next year."

Commenting on the choice of the Hawker 4000 Niels Sundberg, JoinJet ceo, says: "We have been in the aviation market for more than 30 years and after a thorough evaluation it was natural for us to select the Hawker 4000.

"With its carbon-fibre composite technology, superior cabin comfort and low operating economics, the Hawker 4000 provides the value proposition we and our charter clients require."

The Hawker 4000 will meet growing demand for charter services from business owners across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, says JoinJet. It is the flagship of the Hawker line, with a composite fuselage and 3,280 nautical mile non-stop range.

Using Inmarsat's global satellite network, JoinJet's upgraded aircraft will utilise SwiftBroadband to provide voice and high-speed data through a single antenna to the whole aircraft. SwiftBroadband enables all key cockpit and cabin applications, including in-flight telephony, VoIP, text messaging, email, internet and VPN access, as well as flight plan, weather and chart updates.

Sundberg adds: "We have chosen to add the in-flight entertainment options, including the iPad solution, to our entire fleet to further enhance the customer experience and continue to be a market leader in the charter business."

The Nordic region is an area where Hawker Beechcraft has been particularly successful in recent years, with the company currently holding a 26 per cent market share of the business aircraft population in which it competes. Denmark in particular is an important market, with the country seeing the third highest overall aircraft sales in Europe over the last three years. Over that period the number of business jets registered in Denmark increased by 13 per cent.

JoinJet is part of the Danish airline Sun-Air of Scandinavia A/S that has operated regional scheduled flights from Denmark since 1978. It has 30 years' experience of charter operations as well as being an independent aircraft broker, with additional expertise in maintenance and operations.

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