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Textron will be first to receive FlightAware Global
As soon as owners and operators take delivery of their Textron Aviation aircraft, they will be able to take advantage of mobile tracking and data software FlightAware Global.
FlightAware has revealed the entry into service of its Global programme, with Textron Aviation as the first participant.

FlightAware is providing a premium version of its private flight tracking service FlightAware Global to owners and operators of new or pre-owned business jets manufactured by select partners. FlightAware Global offers worldwide flight tracking that fuses thousands of data sources and makes them available to users via web or mobile. To launch the programme, FlightAware has reached an agreement with Textron Aviation to be the first participant.

“We're excited to provide a complimentary, one-year subscription for FlightAware Global to purchasers of new or pre-owned Textron Aviation jet and turboprop aircraft,” says FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker. “This programme makes it incredibly easy for new aircraft owners to enrol in our service for no charge. We will set up and configure their global coverage so that owners and operators can begin using it the moment they take delivery of their new Textron Aviation aircraft.”

Key features of FlightAware Global include datalink integration, selective unblocking, aircraft activity alerts, FBO scheduling and Aireon space-based ADS-B.

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Caravan flight deck to feature more cockpit advancements
July 22, 2024
A modernised flight deck with backlit panels is among a number of amenities designed to elevate the pilot experience. They should be available in 2025 and will be standard on all new aircraft.
Stockroom relocation boosts parts efficiency for Textron in Alaska
July 13, 2024
Logistically speaking, Anchorage is the central distribution hub for Alaska and increasing parts availability and relocating inventory there will enable faster delivery times of critical parts to get customers back in the air.
Textron selects Kapture for Cessna Citation portfolio
June 20, 2024
The Kapture system's compliance with the latest mandates, combined with its robust features and data analysis capabilities, make it a compelling choice for operators.