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NBAA applauds first published Part 135 standardised training doc
The Gulfstream GV curriculum is first in an initiative to create standardised training across aircraft types, the result of years of advocacy to streamline relationships between training centres and Part 135 operators.

The NBAA has welcomed the FAA's publication of the first standardised aircraft-specific training curriculum. This first curriculum for Gulfstream GV series aircraft is the work of the Training Standardisation Working Group (TSWG), formed in 2020.

“NBAA applauds the FAA's efforts to work with industry and publish this curriculum promptly,” says TSWG industry chair and NBAA director of flight operations and regulations Brian Koester, CAM. “The standardised curriculum concept will change the future of Part 135 training by creating efficiencies in the industry's training system and providing higher quality training events.”

FAA acting associate administrator for aviation safety David Boulter announced publication of the draft GV standardised training curriculum at last year's NBAA-BACE during the popular Meet the Regulators session. He highlighted the importance of industry support in initiating the standardisation concept and developing the curricula.

Representatives from training centres, operators, aircraft manufacturers and industry associations make up the TSWG, with several NBAA committee members actively participating.

The GV standardised curriculum is just the first of a broad-scope initiative to create standardised training curricula for many aircraft types. Adoption of these curricula, which include a focus on scenario-based training, is voluntary, but operators that do so should see real efficiencies and improvements in training over time.

“This standardised aircraft curriculum is the outcome of several years of advocacy and effort towards streamlining relationships between Part 142 training centres and Part 135 operators,” says Koester. “We applaud the ongoing effort of those involved and look forward to the next curricula in the standardised training development, which are prioritised by aircraft type to meet industry demand.”

The Citation Excel and Hawker 800 standardised curricula are under development.

The GV standardised curriculum and the Standardised Curricula Master Schedule are located in the FAA's new Dynamic Regulatory System under the 'Other Documents' tab of the main menu.

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