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Noise certification and pandemic comeback on NBAA agenda
The FAA posted a notice of proposed rule-making to impose noise standards on supersonic aircraft, and it has been welcomed by NBAA - which has also launched a BizAv Back to Work scheme.

NBAA has reiterated its support for guidance outlined in an FAA notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to develop new standards for noise certification of supersonic aircraft operating in the United States.

Emphasising the need to balance innovation and development of new technologies with protecting the general public and the environment, NBAA applauded the NPRM's data-driven approach to setting noise standards specific to particular categories delineated by weight and maximum cruise-speed.

“Business aviation is consistently at the forefront of aviation technology in a manner that is both innovative and environmentally responsible,” says NBAA director of technical operations Stewart D'Leon, who authored the comments on the association's behalf. “The development of passenger carrying supersonic aircraft and quiet boom technology will be pivotal enhancements to long-range business aircraft travel, reducing travel times and increasing efficiency throughout the industry.”

The association also welcomed the agency's proposal to set individual noise limitations for Supersonic Level 1 aircraft between current Stage 4 and Stage 5 limits for subsonic aircraft, adding that “it will be important that supersonic speeds over land remain prohibited until advancements limit sonic boom noise to an acceptable level.”

To that end, NBAA also expressed support for use of new technologies, including variable noise reduction systems (VNRS), to further minimise takeoff and landing noise and “[avoid] significant increases in noise for communities surrounding airports.”

“Just like the development of supersonic aircraft, VNRS is another example of innovative aircraft technology and will benefit both communities surrounding airports and the aviation industry,” D'Leon continues.

NBAA also noted the need for global harmonisation between FAA standards and eventual international supersonic noise reduction standards defined by the ICAO. “Given that supersonic travel's time-saving benefits will be most significant over longer journeys, this will ensure businesses are able to maximise the full economic and societal benefits of supersonic aircraft,” D'Leon's comments conclude.

The FAA issued the NPRM earlier this year as several manufacturers work to develop supersonic commercial and business aircraft that would not be covered under existing Part 36 noise regulations.

In other news, helping the business aviation industry get back to work is the focus of a new effort that has been launched by NBAA. BizAv Back to Work is the association's expanded, targeted effort to help members and the overall business aviation industry reopen and get back in the air after the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Business aviation is a forward-looking industry, characterised by an innovative spirit and boundless opportunities,” says NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen. “Although COVID-19 has produced daunting challenges for our community, it is clear the people and companies in it are resilient and ready to get back to work. This new initiative will put the resources in people's hands to help employers find dedicated professionals and help qualified individuals start or resume a business aviation career as quickly as possible.”

In recent surveys of NBAA's membership, a significant number of participants have listed job security as among their highest concerns. BizAv Back to Work will focus on speaking to this concern by expanding on the association's existing employment services and adding new opportunities and resources.

Now until August 31, NBAA member companies will receive free 30 or 60-day postings on Business Aviation Jobs, the NBAA jobs board. A regularly updated listing of the positions will also appear in the NBAA Insider Daily news service, and in biweekly Job Flash reports. Job seekers can submit their resumé to Business Aviation Jobs for review for adherence with best practices and add their resumé to the searchable resumé bank on the jobs board, at no cost. New content will be developed with tips and tools for those seeking employment or wanting to be their best selves in their current position, appearing in NBAA News Hour, NBAA Flight Plan, Business Aviation Insider and other NBAA channels. NBAA is also planning a Virtual Career Fair on 12 August, with details to be released as they become available.

“We look forward to working with employers and qualified professionals in business aviation on ways this initiative can bring people together, and help jump-start an essential industry,” declares Patrick Haller, NBAA senior director, membership and member services.

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