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NBAA honours safe flying members
For 60 years, NBAA’s Flying Safety Award program has brought worldwide attention to the business aircraft safety record. The 2018 recipients will be honoured in October at NBAA-BACE.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has named its 2019 Flying Safety Award recipients for the period ending 31 December, 2018. These awards serve as a demonstration of the high degree of professionalism and outstanding safety culture within participating companies. In total, more than 1,000 companies and individuals have been recognised for accident or incident-free operations in 2018.

Fve member companies are being honoured for 50 years of safe operations; five for 60 years of accident-free operations; and one company, Cox Enterprise, is being recognised for 75 years of safe operations. They will be recognised at NBAA-BACE in October.

“NBAA is honoured to recognise member companies and individuals for their years of safe operations, which for decades has been a key focus for the association and industry,” says president and CEO Ed Bolen. “These award recipients are proven industry leaders, not only in the safety of flight, but in all aspects of their operations.”

50-year awards are given to Air Products & Chemicals; American Express Co; Auburn University Air Transportation; Bayer-Monsanto Company; and Keller Companies.

60-year awards will be received by Archer Daniels Midland; American International Group; Bissell; H-E-B, LP; and Lockheed Martin.

In addition to these milestone awards, NBAA recognised members in the following categories:

- Company commercial award: 28 companies compiling 1,240,072 hours of safe operations

- Company corporate/business award: 169 companies compiling 8,990,784 hours of safe operations

- Company maintenance award: 82 companies compiling 5,077,080 hours of safe operations

- ATP or commercial pilot award: 279 pilots compiling 2,222,738 hours of safe flying

- Private pilot award: one pilot compiling 5,088 hours of safe flying

- Schedulers and Dispatchers award: 79 schedulers/licensed dispatchers qualified

- Support services award: 158 support personnel qualified

- Technician award: 205 technicians qualified

The Flying Safety Awards programme was launched in 1953 to promote a culture of safety in business aviation operations. NBAA is committed to making business aviation as safe as possible, and encourages all members to participate in the awards programme to enhance safe operations and gain recognition for their outstanding performance.

The NBAA Safety Committee offers resources to promote and support a culture of safety in business aviation operations, including materials, guidance on matters relating to safe operations, safety management system resources, and national and regional safety events.

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