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House passes NBAA-supported AAM legislation
The NBAA applauds the House of Representatives for passing AAM legislation. It will assist in creating new, innovative and sustainable air transportation networks throughout the US that will support many jobs.

The NBAA has welcomed House passage of legislation to accelerate the growth of advanced air mobility (AAM).

The Advanced Aviation Infrastructure Modernisation Act (AAIM Act), supported by the NBAA, authorises funding to plan for and eventually build new AAM infrastructure by leveraging existing vertiports and other public transportation facilities to support AAM operations, and fosters community engagement programmes to introduce the latest technologies to a diverse set of communities.

The legislation was first introduced last December by T&I Aviation Subcommittee Chairman Representative Rick Larsen, Ranking Aviation Subcommittee Member Garret Graves and Representative Dina Titus, and has attracted nearly 30 bi-partisan co-sponsors.

Powered by electric or hybrid propulsion, AAM offers significant potential to improve mobility and complement existing public transportation networks while reducing congestion and carbon and noise emissions.

The House bill results from advocacy efforts led by NBAA with the support of a broad group of aviation stakeholders to underscore the importance of beginning AAM planning and construction, to fully leverage the technology. The effort has been largely driven through the NBAA AAM Roundtable, a group established for high-level sector leaders to chart a course for integrating AAM technologies into the nation's airspace and infrastructure.

“We applaud the House of Representatives for passing this important legislation, which will support the future of on demand aviation,” says NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen. “The targeted investments outlined in this legislation will assist in creating new, innovative and sustainable air transportation networks throughout our country that will support hundreds of thousands of green jobs while also ensuring our nation's global leadership in aviation.”

Similar legislation (S.4246) that authorises AAM planning grants was introduced in the Senate by Senators Alex Padilla and Jerry Moran and recently approved by the Senate Commerce Committee. With passage of the House bill, NBAA will continue working with coalition partners to advance the legislation in the Senate.

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