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Astrophysicist deGrasse Tyson to keynote at 2022 NBAA-BACE
Neil deGrasse Tyson will share the astonishing images and insights that lead us to ponder the mysteries of our universe as keynote speaker at this year's NBAA-BACE.
StarTalk-er, astrophysicist, author and science commentator Neil deGrasse Tyson will deliver the NBAA-BACE keynote speech.

Widely acclaimed astrophysicist, author and science commentator Neil deGrasse Tyson, whose compelling visuals and one-of-a-kind perspectives about America's reach for distant horizons have captivated sold-out audiences this year, will be a keynote speaker on the opening day of the 2022 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Orlando, Florida this October.

Tyson has sold out theatres and been a regular fixture for international news outlets seeking his observations on the latest images coming from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope detailing stars and galaxies as far as 290 million light years from Earth. As America's focus on NASA's Artemis lunar mission has increased, Tyson has also offered his perspectives on the programme.

“Neil deGrasse Tyson will share not only the astonishing images and insights that lead us to ponder the mysteries of our universe,” says NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen, “but he has a unique ability to remind us why America leads the world in aviation and aerospace, and to inspire a new generation of Americans to be a part of its pioneering future.”

Tyson is the author of a number of books aimed at furthering an understanding of space and the universe, including the forthcoming 'Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilisation'. He also maintains a popular social media presence, through which he engages with millions of followers on a variety of topics. His podcast StarTalk, which has a wide following, has been on air since 2009 and has 767 episodes.

Tyson first rose to national prominence in the mid-1990s through his submissions to dozens of scientific publications, including columns for Natural History and StarDate magazines. In 2004, he hosted the PBS NOVA four-part mini-series Origins, based on his book 'Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution', co-authored by Donald Goldsmith.

Educated in the New York City public school system, Tyson graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and went on to earn his bachelor's degree in physics from Harvard University and his PhD in astrophysics from Columbia University. He is the recipient of 21 honorary doctorates and the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, the agency's highest award for a non-government citizen.

Taking place from 18-20 October at the Orange County Convention Center and nearby Orlando Executive airport, NBAA-BACE will set a new standard in highlighting the inspiring people, bold ideas, new markets and emerging technologies transforming business aviation. The show will bring together thought leaders in safety, security, sustainability, innovation and workforce development.

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