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The FAA reauthorisation bill passes from Senate to Congress
The NBAA lauds the Senate committee passage of the FAA reauthorisation bill, and urges Congress to act with urgency to move forward on the priorities and programmes identified in the legislation.

The NBAA has welcomed a US Senate committee's vote approving a five-year FAA authorisation bill. The legislation will now head to the Senate floor.

The Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee bill (S.1939) provides authorisation for the agency to ensure that the US strengthens its global leadership in aviation safety. The bipartisan legislation contains a host of NBAA-supported provisions that reflect the business aviation community's priorities with regard to safety, sustainability, innovation and workforce development.

"NBAA applauds senators Cantwell, Cruz, Duckworth, Moran and members of the committee for passing a strong bill that provides stability, enhances safety, embraces new technologies and will help grow our workforce," says president and CEO Ed Bolen. "We urge Congress to act with urgency on the bill, so we can move forward on the priorities and programmes identified in the legislation."

The bill includes provisions that would:

- Reform and digitise systems such as the FAA aircraft registry and Part 135 certification to enhance safety and efficiency.

- Improve FAA aeromedical policies and procedures related to pilot mental health and other matters.

- Modify supplemental oxygen requirements under Part 135 to increase the flight level threshold from 250 to 410.

- Position the US as a leader in advanced air mobility, directing a practical regulatory path and investments in electric infrastructure to help scale AAM at US airports.

- Increase student loan caps for accredited flight education and training programmes to make the pilot career path more accessible to everyone and to grow the pilot workforce.

- Strengthen air traffic controller workforce staffing.

- Direct the FAA to implement a plan to strengthen international engagement on safety, certification and integration of valuable new technologies.

The House passed its FAA reauthorisation bill (H.R.3935) on 20 July, 2023.

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