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News from Business Air News
Liverpool trainer purchases en-1000x SN125
June 20, 2024
The en-1000x SN125's advanced visual system and database of 26 airports, including Liverpool, Isle of Man, Oxford, Edinburgh, Exeter and Manchester, ensures a realistic training experience for Ravenair's aspiring pilots.
Entrol obtains letter of approval for H1000 AATD
June 3, 2024
With its authorisation based on FAA regulations, the unit is suitable for flight schools and operators seeking to enhance their helicopter pilot training programmes. The LoA is valid until February 2029.
Entrol installs H15 FTD 3 at Air Greenland facilities
April 26, 2024
This EC155-type unit is equipped with vibration simulation and an external mirror, and includes an external hoist operating station with virtual reality capabilities and motorised cable operation.
April 19, 2024Entrol to open own Americas maintenance
November 20, 2023entrol launches Envision image generator with Unreal Engine 5 tech
November 7, 2023Italian trainer makes en-1000x purchase
July 7, 2023Helicopters Otago puts faith in Entrol H45 sim
July 1, 2023Padova to benefit from Entrol en-1000x FNPT II
May 12, 2023Transylvania Wings purchases en-1000x FNTP II
May 11, 2023Japan's Alpha opts for entrol AW109 simulator
May 8, 2023Aerotec opts for entrol simulator
March 24, 2023Club buys first en-1000x AAT in South America
March 10, 2023Entrol unveils Bell 505-based H1000 simulator
January 27, 2023Queensland lifesaver buys Australia's first entrol H14 FTD
November 29, 2022entrol develops AW139 simulator for Turkmenistan
November 10, 2022GHS entrusts entrol with Bell 412 FTD manufacture
November 10, 2022Caverton adds entrol AW109 device to Nigerian sim offering
October 30, 2022Spain's Alpha acquires AS350 FTD from entrol
September 23, 2022H45 sim brings in-house training capability to Pegaso pilots
September 19, 2022entrol enters second phase of environmental project zero
September 12, 2022Aero Asahi makes Level 5 entrol purchase
August 29, 2022entrol sim will train Polish pilots
July 18, 2022Pharmaflight purchases two entrol sims
July 7, 2022H145 D-3 flight testing for simulator is completed
June 20, 2022HeliSpeed makes simulator purchase for Bell 429
June 11, 2022entrol update shows renewal of trust by Spanish Police
April 4, 2022Italian trainer makes double entrol acquisition
March 14, 2022Entrol debuts its H145-based simulator
February 4, 2022Entrol delivers first simulator to Poland
January 12, 2022AW109 sim debuts in UK at Helicentre
December 21, 2021EPA renews confidence in entrol
December 6, 2021Chernigiv High Aviation School buys entrol sim
November 11, 2021Entrol simulator enhances ITPS training
October 27, 2021Entrol installs en-1000x simulator in Cyprus and Greece
October 1, 2021PFT to give trainees faster transition with en-1000x
June 21, 2021Entrol H11 MCC simulator deemed to be world class
May 10, 2021Entrol's en-4000x promises a smooth transition
April 25, 2021Nakanihon kitted out with Entrol H39 simulator
March 15, 2021Two Entrol systems enter service for Spain's Adventia
February 15, 2021Safety Flight opts for Entrol H135 simulator
December 9, 2020Superior training is on the Horizon in UAE
October 18, 2020Entrol adds AS350 simulator to portfolio
September 21, 2020Sun shining on Entrol with new Miami office
September 1, 2020Netherlands certifies Entrol H135 sim
August 10, 2020Heliseven selects easily-upgradable EC135 sim
May 22, 2020Dutch flight school HeliCentre adds Entrol sim
March 22, 2020Turin pilots in training to utilise en-4000
February 29, 2020Entrol sells en-1000 FNPT II to Malaysia
February 11, 2020Entrol H135 simulator obtains FTD Level 5
December 1, 2019Horizon backs up incoming B505 fleet with Entrol sim
October 28, 2019Jotov jumps at chance to purchase Bell 206 sim
September 29, 2019FlyBySchool's en-4000 receives AESA approval
July 22, 2019Customer service and training drive Kaman expansion
July 2, 2019HeliKorea gains country's first entrol H19 simulator
June 1, 2019Multi-engine simulator heads for Kiev
February 26, 2019European Flyers' fixed wing en-1000 sim certified by EASA
December 4, 2018Entrol sells first H135 FTD Level 5 simulator in US
November 16, 2018Conair chooses Entrol to kit out pioneering wildfire academy
September 25, 2018Simulator for Avanti II is first in Europe
August 7, 2018Entrol H39 certified for HPE
July 11, 2018Flybyschool becomes en-4000 launch customer
June 12, 2018AFN keeps up to speed through en-1000 investment
September 28, 2017Entrol H135 T2+ FTD level 2 sim receives certification
August 31, 2017European Flyers invests in MEP sim
May 28, 2015HPE B412 simulator is certified by CAA in Italy
May 7, 2014Firefighter HPE invests in standalone Bell sim
April 3, 2014JetRanger simulator is a first for South Africa
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