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entrol update shows renewal of trust by Spanish Police
The Spanish Police has updated its entrol H11/H135 FNPT II MCC for a FTD Level 2. The force has been using entrol devices for some fourteen years.
The H11 FTD Level 2 simulator.

The Spanish Police has updated its H11/H135 FNPT II MCC, installed by entrol in 2008, for a latest generation Level 2 FTD.

This H11/H135 Level 2 FTD simulator will include entrol's high-resolution database, its FLIR based long-range infrared camera, vibration system and a spherical visual system with a field of view of 200º x 70º and six top-quality Full HD projectors.

“This project is an important achievement for us, as we can see how the confidence in FTD devices increases due to their high quality. We also want to thank the Spanish Police for its trust in our products. It has continued to trust us for its simulator solutions throughout 14 years of cooperation,” says sales director Nacho Navacerrada.

This simulator joins the long list of entrol simulators installed in Spain.

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Liverpool trainer purchases en-1000x SN125
June 20, 2024
The en-1000x SN125's advanced visual system and database of 26 airports, including Liverpool, Isle of Man, Oxford, Edinburgh, Exeter and Manchester, ensures a realistic training experience for Ravenair's aspiring pilots.
Entrol obtains letter of approval for H1000 AATD
June 3, 2024
With its authorisation based on FAA regulations, the unit is suitable for flight schools and operators seeking to enhance their helicopter pilot training programmes. The LoA is valid until February 2029.
Croatian HEMS service takes flight
April 30, 2024
Zagreb and Osijek, vital hubs for rapid response in the heart of the country, are operated by Eliance with EC135s. Rijeka and Split serve the coastline and islands and are operated by Elifriulia with Airbus H145s.