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Safety Flight opts for Entrol H135 simulator
Following a visit to Entrol, Safety Flight quickly became convinced not only of the value of Entrol's products, but also of the quality. Its new H135 FTD Level 5 sim comes with dual GTN 750 and a cylindrical visual system.
Safety Flight was very pleased with the service it received from Entrol.

Safety Flight, located at Campo de Marte airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has purchased an H135 FTD Level 5 simulator from Spanish simulator manufacturer Entrol. It will be the first Entrol simulator to be installed in Brazil.

The simulator will come with dual GTN 750, a cylindrical visual system with three channels and extended vertical field of view for mission training. It will also have a vibration system to replicate normal and abnormal flying conditions such as vortex ring, translational lift and turbulence. Safety Flight will use the FTD for initial training, IFR and CPL courses, and mission training for H135 operators. It will be certified as FTD Level 5.

“After searching for new simulators, we first chose Entrol for the value of the product. We understood that in addition to the price, entrol offers a quality product during our visit there,” explains Antonio Gallucci Filho, CEO of Safety Flight. “The most significant reason for choosing the product was the effort shown by the Entrol team to serve us, including product customisation. They demonstrated effort to meet practically all our needs and restrictions, which shows us that in addition to the equipment supplier, we will have a partnership not only for keeping our product operational but certainly for future purchases.”

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