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Entrol debuts its H145-based simulator
The latest simulator from entrol trains pilots to fly the Airbus H145 D3 helicopter. It replicates the Helionix integrated avionics and the four-axis autopilot.
Entrol's H45 simulator can be certified as an FNPT II MCC, FTD Level 2 and FTD Level 3.
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Spain-based simulator manufacturer entrol has launched H45, a brand new simulator based on the H145 D3 that can be certified as an FNPT II MCC, FTD Level 2 and FTD Level 3.

With more than 1,500 units worldwide, the versatile mission-focused Airbus H145 is used in HEMS, law enforcement missions and offshore wind park maintenance missions. The helicopter can perform in challenging environments and achieved the amazing feat of being the first helicopter to reach the Aconcagua summit in Argentina, at 22,840 ft the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere. This was achieved by the four-bladed D2 version of the helicopter.

The entrol H45 simulator features a replica of the Helionix integrated avionics. It simulates the experience of flying an H145, with its high performance four-axis autopilot that increases safety and reduces pilot workload.

"We believe that the H145 D3 will play a critical role in the industry due to its versatility and adaptability. For that reason, we have developed this simulator to help operators and flight schools train their pilots efficiently," says entrol head of sales Nacho Navacerrada.

The addition of this simulator to its portfolio brings the entrol offer of helicopter and fixed wing products to 24.

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