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H45 sim brings in-house training capability to Pegaso pilots
After it took delivery of the first five-blade H145 in Mexico, Pegaso decided to purchase the H145 simulator so that it could continuously train its pilots; another investment in its ongoing improvement process.
Pegaso pilots will train in-house on the H145 D3 Level 7.
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Transportes Aéreos Pegaso has increased its fleet with a new entrol H45 Level 7 flight training device. Based on the Airbus Helicopters five-bladed H145 D3, this new device will be installed at its base in Mexico.

Earlier this month Pegaso became the first operator in the country to take delivery of a five-blade H145, which it will use for oil and gas prospecting activities in the Gulf of Mexico. The delivery of this FTD will enable Pegaso pilots to perform their training in-house.

The simulator will include the data package developed with the flight data gathered from the flight tests performed on the real aircraft by entrol's engineering team. Being an FTD Level 7, this device will be equipped with entrol's top technology package, including the spherical 200ºx70º visual system, a debriefing station to review past exercises and an entrol vibration system.

The entrol H45 is equipped with a replica of the Helionix integrated avionics suite. It perfectly simulates the experience of flying in an H145, including the four-axis automatic pilot system that enhances flight security and reduces the workload to which the pilot is exposed.

“Since the day this company was founded, we have been committed to offering excellence in our services to all of our customers. We also have a commitment to always delivering the best possible training to our staff. This synthetic simulator project for the continuous training of our pilots is another investment in our ongoing improvement process,” says project manager Ricardo Zepeda.

Pegaso operates a fleet of more than 20 Airbus helicopters, incorporating almost the entire Airbus range of the H130, H135, H145, H155 and H175 families. In 2016, the operator was the launch customer of the H175 in Latin America as well as the first operator in Mexico of the H145 in 2020.

This will be the first entrol device installed in Mexico, adding this country to the long list of entrol's customers and increasing its presence on the American continent.

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