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Dutch flight school HeliCentre adds Entrol sim
Just like an EC135 P2+, HeliCentre's latest simulator is equipped with dual GTN 750. It features a vibration system and six-projector spherical visual system.
High quality training is now available to HeliCentre cadets at reasonable cost.
Read this story in our June 2020 printed issue.

HeliCentre, a Dutch AOC operator and flight school, has acquired an H11 FNPT III MCC simulator from Entrol. It has been installed at HeliCentre's premises in Lelystad, the Netherlands. The simulator is a replica of the Airbus EC135 P2+ and offers an extremely high level of simulation.

The cockpit is equipped with dual GTN 750, it features a vibration system and the six-projector spherical visual system offers an unprecedented realistic training experience. The high-resolution database with satellite imagery, mission scenarios, hospitals and confined areas delivers a quality of which many other installed simulators can dream about.

Jeroen Peddemors, HeliCentre's CEO says: “This state-of-the-art simulator enables helicopter pilots to acquire high quality training at reasonable costs. It is fully EASA certified by the Dutch CAA as a FNPT III MCC training device, and it will be upgraded to an FTD Level 3 later this year. We have chosen this device as it fits the HeliCentre high quality training portfolio seamlessly, and it instantly adds value to our ME, IR and type rating training. Our FNPT III MCC simulator enables students to commence the best helicopter courses available in the market.”

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