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Business aviation in Delaware

Federal Aviation Administration -

Based business air charter operators:

Based business aircraft available for charter:

Business air charter brokers:

Major business aviation airports:

1Wilmington (New Castle)23  business aviation companies active
2Georgetown (Delaware Coastal)6
3Middletown (Summit)5
4Dover/Cheswold Delaware Airpark2
6Dover Air Force Base0
7Farmington Chorman0

Business aviation suppliers in Delaware

Maintenance  3   •   Completions  2   •   Training  1

Michael Farley is dedicated to responsible growth through an era of constant change.

Expanding Outlier seeks acquisition opportunities

Outlier Jets is offering two exclusive private jet card promotions to mark its fifth anniversary. The first is a 15-hour demo jet card, providing customers with the chance to compare Outlier services to current arrangements.

April 24, 2023   Full report

Leveraging Universal’s RSP status cuts costs, mitigates risk and removes the hassles of an extra stop when the intended final airport is closed for clearance services.

Universal grows US customs RSP to 26 airports

In just four months, Universal has grown its US Customs & Border Protection Reimbursable Services Programme and can now arrange customs overtime hours at 26 high demand US airports.

October 18, 2022   Full report

The Summit Aviation team.

Sikorsky expert Summit earns S-92 authorisation

S-92 authorisation, along with its recent EASA certification, opens the doors for Summit to serve even more Sikorsky operators.

August 14, 2022   Full report

Summit Aviation earns EASA certification

Summit Aviation has received its EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation certificate approval, allowing it to provide maintenance services on aircraft currently registered in EU member countries.

July 20, 2022   Full report

Operations director Matt Ryan-Coles and president Craig Richardson.

My Jet Broker challenges commission status quo

When turning to private jet hire, clients need anonymity and simplicity, and they need to feel they can trust the companies they work with. My Jet Broker reckons that's not something they can currently count on.

July 11, 2022   Full report