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Rolls-Royce Plc   (U.K.)
Engine Manufacturers
Engines manufactured
Rolls-Royce 250 Series II ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce 250-B Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce 250-C28 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce AE3007 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce Dart Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce Pearl Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 500 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 700 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 800 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 900 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce RB211-524/22B Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce RB211-535 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce Spey 500 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce Tay Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Series ●●●●●●●●●●
Rolls-Royce Trent XWB ●●●●●●●●●●
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News from Business Air News
Luxaviation signs up to Rolls-Royce SAFinity scheme
May 21, 2021
SAFinity enables business aviation customers to operate flights in a carbon neutral way. It is available for all business aircraft and engines from any manufacturer and is part of Rolls-Royce's push for zero carbon by 2050.
Dassault's 10X will fly 7,500nm powered by Pearls
May 7, 2021
The Falcon 10X will enter service at the end of 2025, with the biggest and most comfortable cabin on the market, and multiple interior configurations. Large windows and pure air will be popular with passengers.
Jack Harter switches helicopter fleet to ExxonMobil 387
April 19, 2021
ExxonMobil's Mobil Jet Oil 387 is now approved for use in Rolls-Royce M250 and RR300 engines, which are most commonly found in helicopters. Jack Harter in Hawaii is converting its legacy fleet to the latest oil type.
April 11, 2021StandardAero FIRST in line for Rolls-Royce award
April 4, 2021Rolls-Royce rewards the hard work of Keystone
March 22, 2021Ampaire builds stellar team to deliver electric flight
March 16, 2021All-electric passenger aircraft on the cards in Scandinavia
March 15, 2021The only way is up for Rolls-Royce and Vertical
February 7, 2021Rolls-Royce tests all-SAF in a Pearl 700
November 24, 2020Rolls-Royce facility is strategically located in Savannah
November 2, 2020Tecnam brings electric propulsion P-Volt to market
November 2, 2020Rolls-Royce enjoys significant Enhanced uptake
August 4, 2020NBAA awards 2020 maintenance scholarships
June 15, 2020Rolls-Royce Dahlewitz rolls out 8,000th powerplant
May 18, 2020Rolls-Royce makes use of immersive VR training
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
February 25, 2020BR725 engine tops one million flying hours
February 17, 2020G700 flight heralds long range, high speed advances
February 17, 2020Arrow expands its Rolls-Royce credentials
February 17, 2020Rolls-Royce grows TotalCare customer base
February 5, 2020Enstrom receives 250th Rolls-Royce engine
February 5, 2020StandardAero takes top award from Rolls-Royce
February 2, 2020H&P to perform RR maintenance in China
January 3, 2020Enhanced care programme supports RR customers
January 2, 2020FAA awards certification for the latest Globals
November 25, 2019Businesses team up to deliver green Islander
October 25, 2019Rolls-Royce takes the wraps off Pearl 700 for latest Gulfstream
September 28, 2019Luftwaffe receives first of three Global 6000s
September 24, 2019Latest Global jets pass certification muster
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