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Rolls-Royce and Luxaviation to lead on AAM operations
Rolls-Royce and Luxaviation share a vision of accelerating AAM deployment. R-R will provide electrification solutions, maintenance support and digital solutions for Luxaviation's planned network of vertiports.
The AAM agreement covers charging and energy infrastructure, maintenance provision and digital solutions.

Rolls-Royce and the Luxaviation Group are to collaborate on the development and deployment of advanced air mobility (AAM). The memorandum of understanding between Rolls-Royce Electrical, Rolls-Royce Power Systems and Luxaviation focuses on operations, vertiports and surrounding infrastructure to support these exciting new markets. The strategic partnership will look at charging and energy infrastructure for vertiports; maintenance provision for electric aircraft; and digital solutions for related applications across AAM.

“Rolls-Royce will be the leading provider of all-electric and hybrid-electric power and propulsion systems for advanced air mobility," says R-R Electrical president Rob Watson. "As part of our strategy, we are looking to ensure we understand how we can deliver maintenance and services for these new aircraft, building on our existing MRO and analytics capabilities. We are delighted to collaborate with Luxaviation, who we believe will be a leading player in the AAM industry. This collaboration will help both partners to be at the forefront of this new market.

“This strategic partnership also leverages capabilities and technology across Rolls-Royce as we develop the electrical power and propulsion systems for eVTOL and commuter aircraft. Rolls-Royce is set to build on its existing network to offer maintenance services for electrical systems. Further, Rolls-Royce Power Systems is able to offer microgrid solutions to support fast-charging of electric aircraft and deliver reliable, cost-effective and climate friendly, sustainable power to vertiports.”

R-R Power Systems CEO Andreas Schell adds: “Rolls-Royce will offer integrated solutions from a single source across its business units. Power Systems can already supply climate-friendly microgrids that combine renewable energy sources, battery storage and conventional power generation. Soon we will also offer them with fuel cell generators, hydrogen engines and electrolysers. This is another demonstration of how Rolls-Royce is helping make aviation more sustainable.”

Luxaviation already has a presence at over 120 VIP terminals across the world. Head of strategy and president of business aviation support services Christophe Lapierre says: “Our common vision to enable early adoption by leveraging existing capabilities places this partnership at an advanced position, considerably pushing the evolution of this new industry segment. Our concept is to provide a solution that is agile and in continuous evolution to scale up advanced air mobility operations alongside regulatory development pace and market demand.”

Last year, Rolls-Royce announced a pathway to net zero carbon emissions, and its electrical technology is one way in which the company is helping decarbonise critical parts of the global economy. Rolls-Royce is committed to ensuring its new products will be compatible with net zero operation by 2030 and all its products will be compatible with net zero by 2050.

The first deliverable of this partnership will be the creation and implementation of a pilot project outlining electrical solutions.

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