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Rolls-Royce reports strong demand for CorporateCare
Such has been demand for R-R's CorporateCare Enhanced service that it has now signed its 1,000th contract. This offers comprehensive coverage for the full powerplant and priority access to the service network.
CorporateCare Enhanced covers service items for the AE 3007 and Tay engines, with maintenance for the whole Pearl 15, Pearl 700, BR710 and BR725 powerplant.
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Rolls-Royce has signed the 1,000th CorporateCare Enhanced service contract since the start of the programme in 2019. The enhanced service was introduced as standard for all new CorporateCare customers and is also available as an upgrade to existing contracts. It covers a wide range of additional services items for the AE 3007 and Tay engines, including troubleshooting and mobile repair team travel costs. For the Pearl 15, Pearl 700, BR710 and BR725 engines it also covers maintenance for the whole powerplant, including nacelle, engine build-up and thrust reverser, unit-related services as well as erosion and corrosion on all engine and nacelle parts.

VP sales and marketing, business aviation Megha Bhatia says: “Since we launched our pioneering CorporateCare Enhanced service we have seen strong demand from customers around the world, who clearly recognise the value of this programme. It offers an unrivalled, comprehensive coverage for the full powerplant, including engine and nacelle, and priority access to our dedicated business aviation service network. Our customers love the mindset of CorporateCare Enhanced, which can be summarised as 'If we provide it, we cover it'.”

Rolls-Royce powers more than 3,600 business aircraft in service. Today, more than 2,400 aircraft are covered by CorporateCare and about 70 per cent of new delivery Rolls-Royce powered aircraft are enrolled in the programme.

CorporateCare Enhanced offers substantial financial and operational benefits to customers such as increased asset value and liquidity, mitigating maintenance cost risk and protection against unforeseen costs as well as unscheduled events anywhere in the world. Increased aircraft availability, reduced management burden, full risk transfer, direct priority access to the Rolls-Royce services infrastructure and remote site assistance are further benefits for its customers.

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