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Cadorath offers new R-R component repair
An authorised repair facility in the M250 FIRST network, Cadorath is qualified to complete repairs on three features of the Series IV outer combustion case; air tube flanges, fuel nozzle boss and patches.

Winnipeg, Canada-headquartered component manufacturer and MRO provider Cadorath has completed a new repair design in partnership with M250 engine OEM Roll-Royce. The new repair will fabricate and replace the air tube flanges on the Series IV outer combustion case (OCC). Cadorath currently offers complete overhaul on this component and is also repairing the fuel nozzle boss and replacing the wire mesh patches with the dual patch.

Cadorath is a long-standing member of the M250 FIRST Network as an authorised repair facility and at present is the only facility qualified to complete all three repairs on the outer combustion case. There are approximately 5,000 Series IV turbine engines in service today that will benefit from the new repair.

“The repair design and qualification included thorough testing of the process for the replacement of the air tube flanges,” says Cadorath director of engineering and quality assurance Shane Zakaluk. “There were many unique challenges along the way, but with dedication our learning opportunities became successes that were used to guide our path to completion of the repair and ultimately Rolls-Royce’s final approval.”

“We are very pleased to add this qualification to a long list of repairs and services that we offer,” adds chief operating officer David R Haines. “This was a collaborative effort between our facilities located in Winnipeg, Lafayette in the US and the Rolls-Royce team in Indianapolis to complete this qualification.”

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