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Satcom Direct to provide engine utilisation data to RR
The SD Pro Operating System will now record and send accurate engine information to Rolls-Royce. The flight data and cycle events are captured in real time and verified by the customer.
SD Scheduler is a cloud-based aviation data management system that can be fully customised for a flight department.

Satcom Direct (SD) has entered a formal arrangement with Rolls-Royce to deliver business aviation engine utilisation data directly to the OEM via the SD Pro Operating System, using the SD FlightLogs post-flight data recording module. SD FlightLogs automatically captures flight data and cycle events in real time from the aircraft via its datalink service, and once it is verified by the customer it will be automatically sent to Rolls-Royce. The result is the recording of extremely accurate and valuable information that Rolls-Royce can use to further understand the utilisation of its engines.

“This reporting adds another level of understanding for Rolls-Royce by providing automated current information via our SD FlightLogs and SD Pro tools,” says SD COO Chris Moore. “Until very recently this sort of information was often hand-written so could be easily misunderstood, misrecorded or lost. We are aiming to work with Rolls-Royce to modernise the process, which will eventually enhance the value of our customers’ assets through better maintenance management. Our digital platform can be a rich source of data, and we hope to develop the agreement further in the near future.”

Rolls-Royce head of digital operations Germany Axel Voege adds: “The service agreement with SD is another important part of bringing our pioneering IntelligentEngine vision to life, where product and service become indistinguishable thanks to advancements in digital capability. SD's platforms auto capture in-flight data such as engine cycles and flight hours, automatically providing extremely accurate and immediate reporting to our dedicated 24/7 business aviation availability centre. In combination with all the data we have about each of our engines this allows our services team to proactively support our customers based on the latest available information, guaranteeing highest levels of availability and enhancing our market-leading CorporateCare service.”

SD Scheduler is a cloud-based aviation data management system that can be fully customised for a flight department. It features intuitive navigation, integration to third-party vendors and powerful business intelligence and reporting backed by continuous customer feedback. SD Scheduler incorporates SD FlightLogs, the first web-based system designed to auto-capture and manage aircraft flight log data, reducing manual input.

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February 3, 2023
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January 9, 2023
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