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Daher Aerospace   (France)
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News from Business Air News
Daher transitions to SAF for operations at Tarbes
May 28, 2023
The OEM has convinced World Fuel to supply SAF at the French airport as part of its network, and hopes other operators will use this renewable energy.
Daher updates Me & My TBM app
April 24, 2023
In encouraging TBM pilots to further develop their airmanship, this Me & My TBM version now enables aviators to log flights that involve multiple landings, which is a powerful tool for instructors during training debriefings.
Kodiak 900 meets with EASA approval
April 24, 2023
The Kodiak 900's type certificate from EASA enables Kodiak 900 deliveries to begin in the European Union, with the first handover to a European operator scheduled for this autumn. The FAA approved it last year.
March 31, 2023SimCom appointed factory-approved Kodiak trainer
March 31, 2023Daher unveils prop and flight deck upgrades for Kodiak 100
March 10, 2023Daher signs up with firefighting specialists UAFA
February 3, 2023Daher Kodiak and TBM families log record business
December 20, 2022First TBM 960 delivery is made to Swiss customer
October 18, 2022Tingley Rubber boss takes delivery of 1,100th TBM off the line
October 5, 2022HLS gains TBM sales and service centre status
October 1, 2022Daher recognises TBMOPA at its 2022 convention
September 4, 2022Florida businessman flies off with 20th TBM 960
August 19, 2022Elliott completes primary phase of autoland on TBM 940s
August 2, 2022Daher launches one stop parts Marketplace
July 25, 2022Daher launches larger and faster Kodiak
July 5, 2022US customers take delivery of first TBM 960s
May 30, 2022Daher highlights vision for sustainable future
May 8, 2022Daher makes initial delivery of speedy TBM 960
April 7, 2022Daher launches speedy TBM 960 with digital power
March 14, 2022TBM buyer gains local service from Uni-Fly
March 7, 20222021 sees strong sales for Daher's singles
January 10, 2022French air charity receives virtual funding
January 6, 2022GAMA unveils 2022 leadership
January 1, 2022Héli-Béarne to deploy Kodiak 100 for military parachute tests
December 8, 2021Daher delivers Kodiak 100 number 300
July 11, 2021UNC pleased to accept third dependable TBM
June 2, 2021Kodiak 100 ticks all the boxes for Airborne Flying Service
May 14, 2021TBM delivery marks milestone for ferry pilot Waltz
April 11, 2021NeBeSci to push Kodiak 100 in the Philippines
April 4, 2021Kodiak 100 Series III lands with new owners
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 7, 2021MecanAir adds TBM duties to Kodiak ASC status
January 28, 2021Luy is just the guy to develop Daher training
January 25, 2021Héli-Béarn prepares for parachuting with Kodiak 100
December 28, 2020GAMA names its starting lineup for 2021
December 14, 2020EcoPulse hybrid project is moving in the right direction
October 18, 2020Elliott initiates deliveries of TBM 940s with HomeSafe
October 18, 2020Russia's Simavia designated as ASC by Daher
September 26, 2020US investment banker takes TBM number one thousand
August 11, 2020Elliott has the best team to deliver Daher autoland
July 31, 2020EASA and FAA say yes to HomeSafe TBM 940
June 26, 2020Daher unveils latest iteration of Me & My TBM
May 8, 2020Daher reveals HomeSafe-ready TBM 940 for 2020
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 13, 2020Daher makes aircraft available for humanitarian cause in France
February 25, 2020Daher customers to sit pretty in redesigned TBM cabins
February 11, 2020Loyal Daher fans choose floral flourish for 300th TBM 900
January 20, 2020Daher's 2019 sales book reaches 68
December 3, 2019GAMA puts 2020 committee leadership in place
October 25, 2019TBM 940 sets out stall for the US
October 25, 2019Daher completes Quest for US coverage
October 18, 2019TBM owners hear latest development plans
June 18, 2019Distributed propulsion system to fly by 2022
June 18, 2019TBM manufacturer brings Quest under its wing
May 21, 2019EASA certification and biofuel are priorities for Daher
May 14, 2019Extended capabilities boost StandardAero in France
April 16, 2019Daher delivers latest TBM 910 and updates app
April 8, 2019TBM 910 gains automatic de-icing features
March 19, 2019Pilot pair chase down TBM transatlantic record
March 12, 2019Daher unveils the TBM 940 with autothrottle
January 29, 2019Parisian TBM owners to take advantage of local servicing
January 29, 2019Daher pilots keep it in the family to reach South Pole
January 7, 2019Mountain Lion’s Tahoe TBM is a roaring success
November 5, 2018TBM OPA names passionate pilot Scobey as chairman
October 18, 2018Mountain Lion demonstrates TBM 930 potential
October 2, 2018Daher introduces TBM 900 series to India
September 26, 2018TBM910 helps Polish juice entrepreneur to expand
March 8, 2018Daher introduces heated seats and celebrates solid sales in 2017
January 10, 2018Daher owners complete round-the-world trip from Poland to New Zealand
August 1, 2017Daher offers G1000 NXi on TBM 850 and 900
March 8, 2017Me & my aircraft-TBM 900/930: The world's fastest certified single-engine turboprop
November 10, 2016Speedy TBM 930 builds a buzz for business and leisure
October 5, 2016Pet food entrepreneur Balogh takes first TBM 930
March 9, 2016Daher enhances TBM 900 for 2016
January 28, 2016Daher enjoys successful year as it delivers more TBM 900s
October 15, 2015'Swift and efficient' TBM 900 makes its debut for newcomer AltiJet in France
July 29, 2015Daher appoints Flying Smart to distribute TBM aircraft in UK
July 7, 2015TBM 900 is introduced to Spain
September 10, 2014Dumont upgrades TBM prop with glass cockpit G600 retrofit
June 9, 2014Badenwings to debut quiet TBM 900 in Europe
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: The latest aircraft vie for the limelight on the Geneva apron
April 3, 2014Me & my aircraft; Single engine turboprops: SETs are safe, versatile and economically viable: time for full scale commercial acceptance?
June 11, 2013Productivity boost draws French business to the TBM850
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
August 2, 2012Long range ops: To the limit – long distances in a smaller aircraft
March 12, 2012Me & My Aircraft: Single turbines score highly for reliability and value with owners throughout Europe
October 6, 2010Special focus - Safe flying: Training gets ever more realistic as business aviation builds on its strong safety record
October 6, 2010Polish telecoms operator believes TBM 850 is 'perfectly suited' to take business to new levels
April 1, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Socata launches joint ownership scheme for the TBM850
April 1, 2009Me & My Aircraft: EASA will consider rule changes - but not until 2011
February 4, 2009Albena chooses TBM 850 as new turboprops compete with VLJs
July 25, 2007Jetfly banks on 'green turbos' for business growth
November 2, 2006New aircraft developments among highlights at record breaking NBAA
June 28, 2006First TBM 700 registered in the UK
June 28, 2006Blackbrooks takes delivery of TBM 850
June 2, 2006First European delivery for new generation TBM 850
May 2, 2006Jetfly appoints representative for Benelux and Germany
January 30, 2006Socata's TBM 850 aims to compete with VLJs
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