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Daher Aerospace   (France)
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News from Business Air News
UNC pleased to accept third dependable TBM
July 11, 2021
The top-of-the-line TBM 940 joins a TBM 850 that was received in February 2012, and a TBM 700C2 delivered in March 2011. The aircraft will be used to assist UNC's outreach to underserved areas of North Carolina.
Kodiak 100 ticks all the boxes for Airborne Flying Service
June 2, 2021
The Kodiak 100 was a very deliberate choice for Airborne, after considering a full range of options, having made detailed analyses on capabilities and costs for new and used aircraft in single- and twin-engine versions.
TBM delivery marks milestone for ferry pilot Waltz
May 14, 2021
Over the course of 44 years Margrit Waltz has become one of the world's most experienced ferry pilots. A TBM940 headed for Indiana will be her 900th GA type hand-over.
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